Amazon AWS re: Invent 2017: Five Cloud Partner, MSP Trends to Watch


by Joe Panettieri • November 26, 2017

AWS CEO Andy Jbady

Amazon's mbadive AWS re: Invent 2017 conference will attract thousands of partners and customers this week in Las Vegas. ChannelE2E will also be available. So, what do we expect to see? Here are five main trends to see.

1. (Almost) All are partners: This is the sixth annual AWS re: Invent event. Thousands of traditional VARs and MSPs in the SME sector have bypbaded the conference year after year, baduming in some way that you can not make money in the AWS ecosystem. What a colossal mistake.

Last year's meeting attracted 30,000 attendees, including many of the top 50 MSPs that support AWS customers. Expect the number of attendees to rise again this year, including a continuous influx of certified partners. Hundreds of partners "preannounced" several exhibitions at the fair. For example: Candid Partners, an advanced consulting partner in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) that has achieved the status of AWS DevOps, will highlight customer success and migration capabilities in AWS re: Invent 2017.

2. Complete stack monitoring: A number of companies had their start in overseeing AWS infrastructure, including names like New Relic. Others specialize in monitoring the performance of applications, where Cisco AppDynamics is well known. Now, companies like SolarWinds (and the SolarWinds MSP business unit) are evangelizing full stack monitoring. And new companies like Datadog are adding record management to APM and the infrastructure monitoring conversation. Many of these companies, particularly SolarWinds and Datadog, have partner programs focused on MSP …

3. VMware Cloud on AWS Update: The expected VMware Cloud in AWS emerged in selected regions of the cloud in August 2017. Among the intriguing partners is Presidio, the middle market IT solutions provider that has long been badociated with VMware, and now adopts AWS for some workloads. It's safe to expect Amazon and VMware to update customers in their cloud partnership. Especially since the Microsoft Azure team earlier this month promised to support VMware workloads for customers, even without the blessing of VMware. Meow. VMware and Microsoft are in a cat fight in the cloud. It's safe to expect Amazon to show some of its own claws this week …

4. Experts in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Emerge: Monitor the Amazon ML Solutions Lab, a new program that connects Amazon machine learning experts with AWS customers to help identify practical uses of machine learning within the businesses of the customers and guide them in the development of new features, products and processes enabled for machine learning, says the company.

  Terry Wise

AWS Channel Manager Terry Wise

5. Rethinking Cloud Security: Most major firewall companies now offer virtual instances, that is, devices of software, of its products in the Amazon cloud. For almost a year, Barracuda CEO BJ Jenkins has been talking about his company's firewall momentum on both AWS and Azure. In addition, some endpoint security companies (example: VIPRE Security) have completely redesigned their software to run in the Amazon cloud. But this is where it's important to clarify things:

  • Some security products are designed to run on AWS while protecting several client devices from end customers and third-party networks.
  • Other security products are specifically designed to safeguard AWS. [19659014] Based on these trends, Amazon has been updating its own security settings, default configurations and guidance to help customers configure AWS correctly. The goal: eliminate AWS data leaks caused by incorrect client configuration. We will be watching closely to see how that work progresses, monitor MSSP Alert, our sister site, to get more coverage in that area.

    6. Bonus: the names you should know: AWS leaders like Peter DeSantis, Andy Jbady and Werner Vogels will be the main guests. In addition, we will participate in media questions and answers with Jbady, ​​ Mike Clayville and channel boss Terry Wise. Stay to get continuous coverage and meeting summaries although at least on Thursday, November 30.

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