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Amazon and Google are pushing smart home firms to report every waking moment

Amazon and Google are pushing smart home firms to report every waking moment

I know what you did with that cucumber.

AMAZON AND GOOGLE You could be monitoring your most intimate habits through the gadgets of your smart home.

A report of Bloomberg suggests that both companies are making progress to increase data collection from devices connected to their respective smart speakers: Amazon Echo / Alexa and Google Home / Assistant.

For several years, both companies have kept the details of each action controlled through their systems: lights, plugs, stamps, everything.

But now it seems that several companies have been asked to provide a "continuous flow" of data, regardless of whether the device was activated by their system or directly from the manufacturers' application.

Since companies like Logitech Harmony and SmartThings are smart device centers, this could give the two technological giants a lot of new data. Intelligent remotes will tell you what you see. Turning off the light will tell you what time you go to bed. Intelligent locks will tell you whether or not they are compromised. And all this could tell you if you are at home or not, if the location data is not.

All these data combined and analyzed (probably by AI) could give a disturbing picture of your life and, along with your phone, will not be limited to your home.

"You can learn the behaviors of a family based on their patterns," says Brad Russell, who traces smart home products to researcher Parks Associates Inc. "One of the most fundamental things is occupation, there's a lot you could do with that. "

It is said that some companies are rejecting, but the teesandes of all these products do not seem to limit the amount that Google and Amazon can learn and deduct.

"Over-sharing from over-sharing is probably never a good thing," says Ian Crowe, senior director of Logitech. "We should have a good reason, and our users should agree that it is a good reason," before sharing data.

Logitech offered to tell Amazon and Google that the TV is on without going into details, but now it seems they want more.

Several smart home manufacturers say they have been told that the commitment is not good enough.

The danger here is that smart home products run the risk of betraying our trust, or the risk of being eliminated from the potentially lucrative deals with Amazon and Google.

Amazon has said Bloomberg does not sell user data. It is not the point. μ

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