Amazon Alexa review of microwave

Do you need a microwave with which you can talk? Probably not

But if you love the smart house and use your voice to control everything, even if you want to heat a cup of coffee, sure, the Amazon Basics microwave works well. College students would probably love it, if you need ideas for vacations, and they only cost $ 60, although that means you already have an Echo on hand. Otherwise, you can combine it with the Echo Point for another $ 40 or even less (since the Point is usually for sale).

However, I am remaking the kitchen of my house and I need something much bigger and maybe a little better. Amazon's microwave is as simple as it can be, with a shiny black surface and an old-school green clock interface (which, by the way, is updated so you never have a blinking clock when the power is turned off).

But, ultimately, it works, it's cheap and it's great. In addition, it is a sample of what Amazon is working with other partners to build. Expect to see much more of this type of appliance in the near future.

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