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Alphabet’s latest lunar chronicle turns machine learning into hackers


A slate session of the Chronicle team at Alphabet & # 39; s X. The cybersecurity moonshot project was launched as its own company, Alphabet announced on Wednesday.


It's not a driverless car or an intelligent contact lens, but the latest project to graduate from Alphabet's moonshot program is still trying to solve a big technical problem.

Called Chronicle, the company is developing technology that finds hackers are faster than humans currently. Alphabet, Google's parent company, said on Wednesday that Chronicle would become its own company. The company will continue to develop tools that use machine learning to identify the hacker's signs on company systems and shorten the time needed to stop a violation.

"The information that security teams need to identify and investigate attacks is correct there in the security tools and existing IT systems of an organization, but it is hidden in huge volumes of data and, therefore, does not it can be seen, understood or used easily, "said Astro Teller, CEO of X, whose alternative title is Captain of Moonshots. [19659005] Chronicle is not the first in to resort to machine learning to solve this problem . The company joins a field crammed with cybersecurity firms trying to help companies find hackers before. At this time, computer security teams have many tools that mark unusual behavior in their company networks and other signs that something is wrong, but there is a high rate of false alarms. Several companies expect their machine learning technologies to help identify real problems in the middle of all the straw.

Although not the first company in the field, Chronicle believes it could have an advantage, Teller said in his blog post. "The chronicle is beginning by trying to offer organizations a view of their security situation with a much higher resolution than they had combining machine learning, large amounts of computing power and large amounts of storage," he said.

Chronicle, The Lunar Photo, seized X two years ago when Chronicle CEO Stephen Gillett, later on Google Ventures, partnered with Mike Wiacek and Shapor Naghibzadeh, both longtime engineers on the security team of Google. They worked closely with the creator of Virus Total Bernardo Quintero, whose malware reporting network was acquired by Google in 2012 and has joined Chronicle.

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