Alphabet is shutting down its internet balloon company Loon

According to a post on Alphabet’s X Moonshot division’s blog, Alphabet is closing its division loons, providing internet with floating balloons.

“The road to commercial viability has proved to be longer and riskier than expected,” Astro Taylor, who heads X, wrote in the blog. “In the coming months, we will cease operations and it will no longer be another condition within the alphabet.”

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, launched Loon in June 2013, and Loon “graduated” from a moonscape to an independent company within the alphabet in 2018. Loon launched its first commercial internet service in Kenya in July, covering a fleet of about 35. Balloons that cover an area of ​​about 50,000 square kilometers. Lune has also provided Internet services to areas affected by natural disasters, deploying balloons to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria in 2017 and Peru after the earthquake in 2019.

Taylor says Loon X is working to put employees in other roles at Google and Alphabet. According to Taylor, “a small group of the Loon team will remain to ensure that Loon’s operations are wrapped up smoothly and safely – this includes the closure of Loon’s pilot service in Kenya.” The X spokesman said Loon’s service in Kenya would last until March The ledge. To support those in Kenya who may be affected by the loss of Loon’s service, Loon pledges to support nonprofits and businesses in Kenya “dedicated to connectivity, internet, entrepreneurship and education” Have been.

Lone is not the only moon that Alphabet has turned down. This injured Makani, whose aim last year was to use wind turbines connected to kites to create renewable electricity. And Project Foghorn, which researched how to make clean fuel from seawater, finished its work in 2016.

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