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Allie Long's key to New York City, the stolen wedding ring from the Los Angeles hotel

US women's soccer champion Allie Long said on Thursday that someone broke into her hotel room in Los Angeles as the team celebrated its historic World Cup victory, with the thief stealing his wedding ring, money cash and the key to the city of New York that he had just received.

The US women's soccer team UU He celebrated a one-day celebration on Wednesday after winning his fourth World Cup trophy. The day began in New York City, where the team was honored with a teletype tape parade where thousands of fans lined the streets of lower Manhattan to celebrate the victory. While there, the mayor of the city of New York, Bill de Blasio, presented each member of the team with a key to the city.

The team then flew to Los Angeles, where they were awarded the Best Team award at the ESPY 2019 Awards.

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But on Thursday, Long tweeted that after the ESPY program, someone stole the wedding ring, the cash and the "key to my favorite city" from his hotel room.

"You make copies @NYCMayor," she wrote. "I would love a new one."

After the @ESPYS demonstration, someone stole my wedding ring, cash and the key to my favorite city after receiving it from my hotel room. Do you make copies @NYCMayor? I would love a new one.

A long time later, I published a photo on Instagram with the title: "Take my ring but not my mans (or medal Thank God)".

Police officers told the Los Angeles Times that someone entered Long's room at the Ritz Carlton on Olympic Boulevard between 9 and 10 p.m.

No arrests have been made, police said.

De Blasio answered to Long's tweet saying that the city will replace the key.

"I'm sorry to hear it, Allie, stay there, do not worry about the key, like any good New Yorker, we reserve our neighbors, we cover you," he wrote.

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