Allegheny County’s Kovid-19 investigators find most of the restaurants following the guidelines

Director of Health Dr. Debra Bogan said at a news conference Wednesday, in its first week, the Alleghany County New Kovid Field Response Team visited about 350 establishments.

Of the businesses visited – which included bars, restaurants, convenience stores, and others – 87% received satisfactory reports, while 13% had at least one issue to address.

“Team members have reported back that the vast majority of bars and restaurants, large and small, are doing a major job following security measures,” Bogen said.

County officials announced the new team at last week’s news briefing. The team visits businesses in the community, examines their Kovid-19 response strategy and provides feedback – evaluating how well they comply with mandatory capacity restrictions, facade and social distance requirements and other guidelines Huh.

The most commonly reported was that the staff was not doing face coverings, even after many people were allowed to go indoors, Bogan said.

Establishments that were marked as having at least one item to address would have another tour of their team and would have the opportunity to improve their reports. The department does not yet know what will happen in those follow-up visits.

This week, Bogen and County Executive Rich Fitzgerald updated residents on rising hospitals and case counts.

“July has been a very challenging month,” FitzGerald said, adding that the month saw 5,000 positive tests. “It just goes to show some of the things that happened when we went green in early June. Things probably opened up a little early. “

Fitzgerald said the county health initiative over the past month, including restrictions for bars and restaurants, has helped bring back the case totals.

The county reported 10 new hospitals on Wednesday and 77 in the final week. An increase in hospitals was predicted among the overall spike in daily cases, but Bogen said the numbers actually reflect admission dates in the past few weeks.

Bogen reassured the audience that the county’s hospitals have the ability to handle growth and provide additional ICU bed space, unlike some other areas such as Texas, Florida and California.

“Our hospitals are ready for this,” she said. “We are not in that position here.”

While the initial spike was largely attributed to bars and restaurants, Bogen said the county is increasing the number of infections at private parties, weddings, funerals and religious services as well as gyms and fitness centers. Bars and restaurants are still the most common locations that report infected individuals, Bogan said.

For example, according to Health Department data, 57 cases involving parties between July 5 and July 11 were related to parties between July 12 and July 18. Cases involving bars and restaurants decreased from 5 to 162 in 162 cases. 11 and 127 between 12 and 18 July.

“The data we collect through investigating the case tells us where the people who tested positive have gone, but does not tell us where the people were infected with the virus,” Bogen said.

He encouraged people to take precautions wherever they go.

Fitzgerald encouraged regular vigilance as schools re-plan and the economy reopened. The findings of the field response team are encouraging, so far, he said.

“It seems that the collaboration level is very good,” Fitzgerald said of the bar and restaurant. “If we are going to sustain our economy and open as many activities as we can, it is as important.”

Click here to see information about the businesses seen so far.

Teghan Simonton is a Tribune-Review staff writer. You can contact Teagan at 724-226-4680, [email protected] or via Twitter .

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