Allegedly the air passenger removed the flight attendant for ‘interrupted’ flight after asking him to wear a face mask

According to a Newsweek report, a man was dropped from an Allegiant air flight from Punta Gorda, Florida on Monday morning after allegedly asking a flight attendant to apply a face mask.

In a video posted on Twitter, an elderly man appears to be in disbelief that the flight attendant asks the man to leave in a mask.

The user posting the video said the man was thrown @allegiant The airline took an early morning flight from Punta Gorda Florida this morning as it asked the flight attendant why she had to wear a mask and was not wearing any. ”


A spokesperson for Alligant told Fox News that the passenger was “removed for violating FAA rules by flight attendants” briefly in a public mask after repeatedly and aggressively interrupting the attendant safety briefing. Speared lowered his mask so that the announcement could be understood. ” , “Citing passengers who said they could not hear clearly.

The spokesman said, “That’s when the passenger became disruptive.” “It wasn’t an ‘ask.” The flight attendant’s mask was returned shortly after the announcement. ”

According to Elegant, all stages of the journey require ticket cover, gate area and face cover during the flight period. He also stated that masks and disinfectant wipes are provided to each airline passenger and their health acknowledgment questionnaire is required to wear the mask in the journey.

Braval AIIMS enlisted passengers to complete the locations on the Erikline, to cater to the upcoming poly-falling polysea.

However, the incident has prompted other users to take to Twitter with their experiences of flight attendants, either wearing masks incorrectly or not following protocol altogether.

One user asked the airline to ensure that their flight attendant policy was implemented, to which the airline responded: “The enforcement of our mask policy is definitely expected from our flight attendants. I would like to share my feedback with our teams. Will make sure to share. ”

Meanwhile, another user called the airline “not fussy” over its mask policy.

According to Travel Pulse, the airline was named one of the top 10 North America’s safest airlines to travel during COVID-19.

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