Alleged Qion goons with AR-15 arrested near vote center: report –

Alleged Qion goons with AR-15 arrested near vote center: report

According to reports, Philadelphia police detained at least one person on Thursday night as they investigated an alleged plot to attack the city’s convention center, where the swing state votes are still being counted.

Tensions have grown outside the Pennsylvania Convention Center since Election Day, with groups of President Donald Trump and Joe Biden supporters gathering outside the building to protest. But Philly police appear to be preventing something more dangerous.

According to several reports, a heavily armed group has landed a GMC hammer from Virginia to carry out the alleged plot. No one was reported injured, and police did not identify the detained suspect or provide details of the threat. But the video showed a man in handcuffs and police recovered a large gun. Philadelphia Inquirer The group was reported to be armed with AR-15 rifles.

Inquirer Too Reported that a hammer matching the description was seen with stickers associated with the QAnon conspiracy movement, including a large “Q” and “# WWG1WGA” that Trump supporter theorists use “where we come from, We stand for all ”motto of the group. According to Reuters, the hammer has now been confiscated by police.

QAnon is a baseless far-flung internet conspiracy theory whose increasingly violent adherents claim that “deep states” of Democratic leaders are cannibals and traffickers and that Trump is secretly fighting them. Many Republican congressional candidates have supported the principles.

CBS Philadelphia reported that a second man was detained in connection with the alleged assault plot – but the identity of the suspects has not been released by police. Inside the building, election workers continued to count ballots, which could prove crucial in determining who wins the state, which is yet to be called for presidential candidate.

FBI takes over the investigation of the alleged conspiracy, a Fox News correspondent Reported On twitter

As the nation waits on the sidelines for the results of the US presidential election, small-scale protests have taken place outside the ballot counting locations in swing states such as Pennsylvania and Arizona. President Trump, who has repeatedly asked supporters in the election to personally help against voter fraud at polling sites, is being counted on to vote in Pennsylvania, where he has little lead. .


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