All the Ways Justice League Sets Up the Future of DC Movies


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Now that Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg have teamed up in Justice League, the DC Universe is able to blast off—baduming its smaller-than-anticipated opening weekend hasn’t thrown a spanner within the works. But if Warner Bros. decides to increase the DC Extended Universe a bit longer, right here’s all of the clues in Justice League to what could also be coming.

A New League Is Coming

Every DC film up till, and together with, Justice League has had its heroes combating a villain with superhuman powers. Zod, Doomsday, Enchantress, Ares, and now Steppenwolf have all been beings regular human couldn’t defeat. So how can human mbadive bads keep within the sport? By teaming up, in fact.

In the ultimate post-credits scene of the movie, Lex Luthor has escaped jail and requested Slade Wilson, a.ok.a. Deathstroke, to affix him on his large yacht. Once there, Luthor suggests perhaps they need to create a league of their very own—an apparent allusion to the Legion of Doom, the society of supervillains that first appeared within the Super Friends cartoon, however has gone on to turn out to be a daily function of the DC comics. Obviously, this implies that future DC movies will concentrate on a gaggle of supervillains that be a part of forces to fight the Justice League’s rise.

Presumably, these villains shall be a bit of extra Earth-bound than cosmic threats like Steppenwolf was, however perhaps the standalone Deathstroke film that’s at present within the works—or maybe even The Batman, if Slade continues to be a part of it—will shed some mild on the creation of Lex’s new “League.”

Darkseid Awaits

As Steppenwolf explains the Mother Boxes and Unity to, effectively, the viewers, he mentions they’ll make the Earth prepared for Darkseid by turning the planet into a duplicate of Darkseid’s homeworld, Apokalips. At one level, he even mentions that the method will permit him to turn out to be one of many “New Gods.” Darkseid, in fact, is DC’s greatest, baddest dangerous man on the market, one of many aforementioned New Gods of Jack Kirby’s “Fourth World” of cosmic supercharacters, and within the comics Steppenwolf is a member of his Elite, a ruling council of Apokolips’ merciless rulers.

The proven fact that Steppenwolf has such shut ties to Darkseid is rarely explicitly acknowledged in Justice League—however that one point out, and the tease above from Batman v Superman, lets us know that he’s on the market someplace within the DCEU.

Superman’s Return Changes Everything

When Superman died on the finish of Batman v Superman, the world mourned. That mourning not solely carries over into Justice League, it morphs into despair. And although the movie solely reveals him again for what’s most likely lower than a day, Lex Luthor’s acknowledgement of his return and Lois Lane’s phrases about hope actually make it look like Superman’s return is a morale increase to the whole world. This is probably going a results of Warner Bros. making an attempt to loosen up the film throughout its manufacturing, after complaints that Batman v Superman was too dour. Whatever the trigger, by the top of the movie the DCEU appears prefer it’s going to be a happier place following Superman’s resurrection.

The Green Lanterns Are Out There

Casually saying a film is one factor. Actually placing characters in a film is a complete different factor. So although Warner Bros. has made it clear a Green Lantern Corps. film is within the works, we lastly obtained a tease for the ring-powered protectors of the galaxy throughout a flashback to Steppenwolf’s first invasion of Earth. Amazons, Atlanteans, people, and even gods battle again towards his forces, however a number of Lanterns additionally fly into battle utilizing their light-based contructs to battle the alien invasion.

It’s a welcome reminder that, ultimately, this universe goes to get cosmic sooner or later, even when Green Lantern as a personality wasn’t a part of the League on this film. Plus, one of many Lanterns falls at Steppenwolf’s hand within the flashback, and we see a hoop fly off into the sky. In the comics, a Lantern ring is autonomous, and able to flying round and trying to find a brand new wielder when its present proprietor expires, granting them the previous job of the deceased Lantern. Hal Jordan famously obtained his ring from the crash-landed Green Lantern Abin Sur—may the flicks as an alternative re-work it so the ring we see in Justice League ultimately makes its manner into his arms in Green Lantern Corps.? It looks like a bizarre alternative, but additionally a alternative a DCEU film would make.

Batman Is Approaching Retirement

Justice League doesn’t instantly tackle whether or not or not Ben Affleck will proceed to play the Dark Knight—or how a brand new solo Batman movie would match into this world, particularly for the reason that actor spent a lot of the film’s press tour vaguely hinting at his unsure future with the franchise. But the film does embrace a scene the place Batman and Wonder Woman discuss how he “can’t do this forever.”

In reality, there are additionally at the least two scenes the place Batman’s physique principally breaks. After over 20 years of combating crime in Gotham, Bruce Wayne could also be prepared to hold up the cowl, even when the League he helped create has solely simply stepped into the sunshine. Maybe this might all be setup for the Nightwing film, with Dick Grayson taking Bruce’s place?

World, Meet Wonder Woman

Minus no matter occurs in Wonder Woman 2 (which is rumored to happen within the ‘80s), after World War I the Amazon princess had not revealed herself to the trendy world till the occasions of Batman v Superman—and Bruce particularly makes a degree in Justice League of taunting Diana that she’s spent a century hiding from the world of Man after shedding Steve Trevor. But now, by the top of the film, she’s overtly serving to folks on this planet, embracing her powers and duty. (She additionally doesn’t put on a masks, so you need to suppose that museum job is gone.)

Aquaman Has Issues

The subsequent DC film scheduled for launch is Aquaman, so it’s no surprise he’s left so mysterious in Justice League. But when Arthur heads to Atlantis within the film, we get a short however intriguing snapshot of what we’ll see from the character in his standalone film… which is quite a lot of drama for the long run king of Atlantis.

We study that Arthur’s not performed the perfect job of holding in contact with Atlantis, and that he’s constructed up an antagonistic relationship with the dominion on account of his mom abandoning him to the floor world as a baby. Even his relationship with Mera, his future spouse and Queen of Atlantis—who seems in Justice League however is rarely truly named as such—is frosty at greatest. Leaving dwelling, parental points, yeah, there’s gonna be loads for Arthur Curry to unravel come December 2018.

Atlantean and Amazon History

Though they may not have quite a lot of significance transferring ahead, a number of main items of details about the previous of the DC universe are revealed in Justice League. In the flashback the place the Atlanteans, Amazons, and people group as much as battle Steppenwolf, we study that the Atlanteans have been round for hundreds of years (we already knew that in regards to the Amazons due to Wonder Woman) and that, sooner or later, they have been at the least partially residing on land. It additionally looks like, at one level, Themyscira was a spot the Amazons may go away, however now for some motive they can not. Each story appears pretty essential to the hero of these peoples, and we’ll possible study extra in regards to the Atlantean aspect of issues in Aquaman. But contemplating Wonder Woman 2 will possible concentrate on Diana’s persevering with exploits after leaving for Man’s world, we most likely received’t get far more in regards to the historical past of the Amazons.

The Flash Got His Backstory Out of the Way

When we first meet Barry Allen in Justice League, he already has quite a lot of information about his powers. He hints at his lightning-filled origin, he calls the state his energy creates the “Speed Force,” and he’s had the money and time to make himself a swimsuit. Justice League principally provides us the cliff notes of the Flash’s origins—which might be excellent news for the Flashpoint film. If it’s in any respect near the foremost, reality-altering occasion it’s within the comics, the film wouldn’t have time to take care of Barry’s backstory whereas he’s off, effectively… ruining the timeline.

Victor Stone May Be a Liability

In Justice League, Cyborg is a vital badet. Without him, the heroes wouldn’t have discovered or stopped Steppenwolf, interval. However, all all through the film, we see that he doesn’t fairly have management of who, or what, he’s but, and there’s a continuing undercurrent—even when it’s by no means actually dropped at the fore—that there’s a roiling battle inside Victor for management over the Mother Box know-how infusing his physique.

At the top of the film, we see Victor confidently morph his physique armor into one thing that’s rather less Michael Bay Transformers-y and into one thing that’s extra of an approximation of his traditional Cyborg armor from the comics. It seems he now has extra management over his tech following Steppenwolf’s defeat, however the battle over his personal physique will most likely be an vital a part of the character’s battle in his standalone film.

The Power of Shazam

The Shazam film is at present within the works, with Zachary Levi taking part in the grownup type of the highly effective hero Billy Batson transforms into with a shout of “Shazam!” In the comics, Shazam obtained all of his powers from quite a lot of gods and mythological beings from the Greek pantheon, in addition to, er, King Solomon from the Bible. We noticed transient glimpses of the Olympian aspect of issues in Wonder Woman, however Justice League’s flashback battle provides us the lightning-wielding Zeus, the “Z” in Shazam’s identify. (Ares, who we’ve already met in Wonder Woman, can also be a part of the battle, and so is bow-wielding goddess of the hunt Artemis, whose Roman identify is—look forward to it—Diana.) Expect to see some or all of those gods within the Shazam film.

Lex Luthor Probably Knows a Lot More Than He’s Letting On

This is a guess, however stick with us. Lex’s pocket book contained drawings of the Mother Boxes. He researched in regards to the metahumans, he is aware of about Deathstroke, he has at the least an inkling of Darkseid, and in a really unusual scene deleted from Batman v Superman, we see him instantly speaking with Steppenwolf in regards to the Mother Boxes. It’s a protected wager that Lex is aware of much more than the Justice League about what different threats are on the market—, in addition to himself.

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