All the people of La. 16 and older can receive the COVID vaccine starting Monday

BATON ROUGE: All Louisiana adults and older teens will be eligible to receive a coronavirus vaccine on Monday (March 29).


The widespread availability is perhaps the most significant development of the COVID pandemic in Louisiana since the state closed a few days ago more than a year. Most Louisianans were already eligible for a vaccine after the state expanded access to essential jobs that most Louisianans hold: positions from restaurant workers, waiters to people in construction, manufacturing and university staff.

Vaccines for everyone over 16 years of age will be available starting Monday, March 29. Area pharmacies told WBRZ on Wednesday (March 24) that they were already making plans for increased availability. Stream WBRZ news here all day for new and up-to-the-minute information.

Click HERE for a list of vaccine locations and to schedule an appointment.

By the end of April, more than 1 million people in Louisiana will have fully completed their vaccinations. It takes 14 days after the second dose of the two-injection regimen or 14 days after the single-dose vaccine to be considered fully vaccinated.

America’s COVID forecast is improving, federal health experts projected Wednesday, as more Americans qualify for and have been vaccinated against the coronavirus. Click HERE to read more.

Once a vaccine course is started, patients receive a COVID vaccine card; Click HERE to see more about what to do with the card.


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