All the New Pokemon in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon


Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is much more than a remake of final yr’s fashionable Pokemon video games.

Quite a lot of Pokemon followers have been skeptical of the latest Pokemon video games as they appeared to be a sophisticated model of Pokemon Sun and Moon. But The Pokemon Company shocked the world by baderting that Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon can be the primary Pokemon video games ever to introduce new Pokemon in the midst of a technology.

In addition to the three new Pokemon, there’s additionally a number of new Pokemon types which are radically completely different than the Pokemon we noticed final yr.

Here’s a have a look at all the brand new Pokemon within the sport together with their talents and the right way to get them:

Slide 1/four – Dusk Lycanroc
lycanroc dusk pokemon

Lycanroc will get a 3rd kind in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, nevertheless it’s solely out there to gamers who buy the sport early. 

Lycanroc is a well-liked Rock-Type Pokemon that beforehand had two types primarily based on which sport gamers purchased. Pokemon Sun may get the wolf-like Midday kind, whereas Pokemon Moon had the werewolf-esque Midnight kind. 

The new Dusk kind is a mixture of the 2 different Lycanroc types and has entry to strikes that would solely be discovered by both the Midday or Midnight Lycanrocs. 

Players can get the Dusk Lycanroc by downloading a particular Rockruff from the Mystery Gift space after getting Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon after which evolving it between 5 PM and 5:59 PM. 

Slide 2/four – Poipole and Naganadel
ultra beast adhesive

Poipole and Naganadel are two of the brand new Ultra Beasts added to Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. While a lot of the Ultra Beasts are excessive degree Pokemon with Legendary-type talents and stats, Poipole is far weaker.

Poipole is the Ultra Space’s model of a Starter Pokemon, a companion Pokemon coach receives once they begin their Pokemon journey. Players can solely get Poipole as a present from the Ultra Space Recon Squad in Ultra Megalopolis after they beat Ultra Necrozma.

Poipole evolves into Naganadel when it ranges up figuring out Dragon Pulse. If your Poipole does not know Dragon Pulse, you’ll be able to have it re-learn the transfer from the Move Relearner at Mount Lanakila in trade for a Heart Scale.  

Slide three/four – Blacephalon and Stakataka
UB Burst

Blacephalon and Stakataka are the opposite two new Ultra Beasts in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Both have been first revealed earlier this yr as the primary new Pokemon to be launched in a “mid-generation” sport. 

Blacephalon is a Fire/Ghost-Type Pokemon that may toss its gumball-like head at enemies and trigger it to blow up. Stakataka is a Rock/Steel-Type Pokemon with an excellent stout Defense stat.

Blacephalon and Stakataka are each version-exclusive Pokemon. Blacephalon is barely out there in Pokemon Ultra Sun, whereas Stakataka is barely out there in Pokemon Ultra Moon. Players can catch their sport’s new Ultra Beast in Poni Canyon after beating the sport’s essential storyline. 

Slide four/four – Necrozma
ultra necrozma

Necrozma picks up a whopping three new types in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Players unlock Necrozma’s “Dusk Mane” and “Dawn Wing” types by merging Necrozma with both Solgaleo or Lunala. Necrozma beneficial properties the kind and particular strikes of whichever Legendary Pokemon it absorbs, nevertheless it retains the “Prism Armor” potential that reduces injury brought on by Super Effective badaults.

When holding an Ultranecrozmium Z-Crystal, both Dusk Mane or Dawn Wings Necrozma can badume its “Ultra Necrozma” kind. Players achieve the flexibility to make use of an “Ultra Burst” to set off the transformation, which turns Necrozma right into a super-powerful Psychic/Dragon-Type Pokemon. Necrozma beneficial properties the brand new Neuroforce potential, which will increase injury from tremendous efficient badaults, in addition to the Light That Burns the Sky Z-Move. 


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