All the big retailers here are saying that they will now close on Thanksgiving

All the rage in the retail sector over the past five years: Stores have opened for business on Thanksgiving.

Walmart has opened its doors throughout the day of Thanksgiving (although the Black Friday deals did not happen until the evening). Best Buy has welcomed long lines of shoppers starting at 5 pm. Target has seen large crowds in its opening thanks. And then there is the almost dead Jessie Penny, who has opened her stores to woo deal seekers (2pm last year) for the past few years.

Kmart was the king of Thanksgiving openings for many years – it opened its doors directly at 7 am for over 20 years. This is not happening this year because Kmart is basically out of business after years of god-awful management.

But with retail sales staff amid a huge increase in functions during the COVID-19 epidemic – and those fearful of catching the disease through large crowds – the major chain has reconsidered thanks to being open. For that, we say good tricks for early adopters – and now look for others in space to board the train.

Many retailers here said they would discontinue this thanksgiving.


The world’s largest retailer found things on July 21, saying it would close its stores on Thanksgiving. It also revealed $ 428 million in new bonuses for full-time and part-time workers.

“We know this has been a trying year, and our partners have stepped up. We hope they enjoy a special Thanksgiving Day at home with their loved ones. “” We are certainly grateful to our people for all their efforts. “


The cheap chic retailer quickly followed in Walmart’s footsteps and announced on July 27, it would close for thanksgiving.

Target CEO Brian Cornell stated, “The investment we have made in our business and our incredible team has enabled us to move forward with the flexibility and speed to meet the changing needs of guests during this global pandemic. More than ever this year, a happy holiday will be inseparable from a safe one, and we are continuing our plans to accommodate the ease, value and joy of the weather in a way that only targets can. “

A targeted employee returned shopping carts from the parking lot in Omaha, Neb., On Tuesday, June 16, 2020. American shoppers increased their spending on in-store purchases by a record purchase of 17.7% from April to May, providing a dose of energy for retailers. The economy has declined since the closure of the coronavirus business and has crippled consumers during the past two months. (AP Photo / Naati Harnik)

In mid-June, Target said it would permanently raise its starting salary to $ 15 per hour for its store, distribution and headquarters employees. That kicked off on 5 July.

best Buy

Not to be overtaken by fellow Minnesotans, Best said 24 hours after Target’s revelations that it would also close on Thanksgiving.

“We can all agree that, by now, 2020 will be different from what was expected. And now, the Best Buy holiday season, including Thanksgiving Day, is going to look different. To meet our customers’ changing holiday, we are increasing the way orders are fulfilled, from offering more convenient pick-up options at our store, to ensuring that orders are timed correctly Arrived at We are going to start offering some of the season’s hottest deals more than ever, to make it even easier for our customers to check their gift lists. With these changes, we have also decided to close our stores on Thanksgiving Day. As always, customers will still be able to shop on and through the Best Buy app, ”Best Buy said in a blog post.


And last but not least (for now), off-mall retailer Kohl said on July 29 that it would not open its doors on Thanksgiving.

“When Kohli’s time to shine is highest, and when we go into the holiday season of this highly unusual year, we are changing our plans,” said Kohl’s CEO Michelle Gass. We deeply appreciate how our team of Kohl’s associates have performed to serve their customers through this epidemic and they know they will continue to perform the best of Kohl’s throughout the holidays. “

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