All stone tablets and snow-tommed starsilver claymore

Genshin impactThere are many stone tablets you can find in the Dragonspine area. Be sure to interact with them all so that you can end up with Snow-Tombed Starsilver Claymore. Here is our guide to help you with all the stone bullet locations and the weapon you receive as a reward.

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Genshin impact: Locate all the stone bullet locations and the Snow-tommed Starsilver weapon

There are eight stone tablets in the Dragonspine region. You can talk to them in any order.

Anyway, here are their locations Genshin impactWorld map:

Stone pill # 1

On a ridge overlooking the lake / island, where you will find the Princess Box.

Genshin Impact Stone Tablet Location Snow Tomed Starsilver 1

Stone pill # 2

Next to the ruins tower where you will find the Priest’s Box. It is protected by a Ruin grader.

Genshin Impact Stone Tablet Location Snow Tommed Starsilver 2

Stone bullet # 3

Under the totem puzzle on the outskirts of the city of Entombed. It is the location of the Frost Shard which is part of the “In the Mountains” quest.

Genshin Impact Stone Tablet Location Snow Tomed Starsilver 3

Stone bullet

Next to a swarm of bonfires that are part of a celie puzzle. For the first puzzle, run around with Seeley until all the bonfire is lit. This will reveal a hidden floor where the tablet is.

For the second puzzle (which you don’t need to do if you’re here for Snow-Tombbed Starsilver Claymore), you’ll want to run away with Seilee until Pymon asks you to travel the same distance. This means “tagging” each pass (go) and letting them swim without passing.

Genshin Impact Stone Tablet Location Snow Tomed Starsilver 4

Stone bullet # 5

Inside Starglow Cavern, follow the sloping paths until you reach the very top. It has a Cryo Abyss mage and a Rubin grader that you can fight here (if you activate all the switches).

The item you are looking for is on the ridge overlooking the region.

Genshin Impact Stone Tablet Location Snow Tomed Starsilver 5

Stone bullet

Opposite the entrance to the Peak of the Vindagnir domain. You must complete the “In the Mountain” search to reveal the domain’s entry.

Genshin Impact Stone Tablet Location Snow Tomboy Starsilver 6

Stone bullet

It is inside the secret door which can be opened after meeting the three boxes (princess, priest and sage).

Genshin Impact Stone Tablet Location Snow Tombed Starsilver 7

Stone bullet

From Dragonspine’s Statue of the Seven, jump down and follow the cave heading south. You will get stone pellet here.

If you have interacted with all eight of them, the switch can be activated. This will open the door to the secret room.

Genshin Impact Stone Tablet Location Snow Tommed Starsilver 8

Get a hidden weapon

Once inside the secret room, you can open the chest that gives you the crafting blueprint for Snow-tommed Starsilver Claymore. However, you want to light all four torches in this room using Pyro skills.

Doing so creates a small catkin that gives rise to snow-tommed starsilver.

General PTT STBT Sntmb Stsl 1

This claymore has a “Frost Burial” perk:

Killing an enemy with a normal or charged attack has a 60% chance of dropping an icicle on them that deals 80% AoE attack damage. Cryo-hit enemies deal 200% of attack damage. The effect can only occur once every 10 seconds.

It is a fairly decent weapon. Nevertheless, due to the innate physical damage bonus, it is more favorable Genshin impact Character that scales well with physical attacks (ie, razor). This is probably not something you would use for Diluch or Chongyun. Just remember that someone in the party has to use the cryo skill on the mob, so 200% of the attack effects.

General Pct Sttb Sntmb Stsl 2

As an ascension material, Snow-tommed Starsilver uses DeCabrian, Heavy Horn / Mitachural horns, and mud condensate-type objects.

Finally, since you opened the chest in the secret room, you will get its crafting blueprint. If you need some refinement boosts, you’ll be able to make more of this item (requires 1x Northlander Prototype Claymore, 50x Crystal Chunk, and 50x Starsilver).

General Pct Sttb Sntmb Stsl 3

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