All members of David Dobrik’s vlogging team – former and current

  • The Vlog Squad started in 2015 when David Dobrik left Vine for YouTube.
  • Insider recently reported a rape allegation against a former member of the group.
  • Here are all the members of the Vlog Squad, past and present.
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The Vlog Squad, an unofficial creator collective made up of YouTubers in the orbit of David Dobrik, is under scrutiny online after Insider reported a sexual assault allegation against former Vlog Squad member Dom Zeglaitis.

Dobrik was scrapped by 13 backers, including SeatGeek and Chipotle; left Dispo, the app he co-founded; YouTube demonetized its channel, which has been losing views and followers; venture capital firms have cut ties with Dobrik and Dispo; and his podcast has lost sponsors.

But who is the Vlog Squad? The group of friends acts as a revolving door for different creatives to appear in Dobrik’s famous fast-paced 4 minute and 20 second videos. The content frequently features jokes.

Before the recent allegations, Dobrik was well-liked on YouTube, where his main channel’s videos have amassed 8 billion views and 18.5 million subscribers.

Members of the Vlog Squad have been in and out since Dobrik, a former Vine star, began vlogging in 2015. Each member of the group is a star in their own right, with millions of followers on YouTube and Instagram.

Here’s a story from the members of the Vlog Squad, past and present.

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