All deaths of Mortal Kombat 11 look very different from those of this fixed and remote camera angle.



The Mortal Kombat franchise has boosted the envelope from the first day with its brutal fatal finalists. As an accent mark on who won a fight, the players have been able to perform bloody final blows that provoke spectator gas since 1992.

The deaths of Mortal Kombat 11 are bigger, more extravagant and more than ever, and each of them is meticulously planned to create a fluid cinematic experience. However, things look very different when you remove the dynamic camera, zoom out and make the point of view stationary.

Using a camera mod, DennisNetwork was able to give us an alternative look at each Mortal Kombat 11 Fatality.

The finalists that are larger and cover large areas of the stage are the most interesting, as the fatality that the opponent sees and travel through the portals. We see a very far angle for this, and it gives us an idea of ​​how much ground the clbadic fighter covers here.

This camera also offers a vision of how each fatality was animated, with various lighting effects that come into play at different times and certain aspects become the main focus at various points in the cinematography.

Of course, something like this can not come with its share of little bugs and quirks. You will see that the backgrounds and characters disappear partially, stiff movements sometimes and a bit of stuttering of frames. In any case, the set is an interesting and unique look at some of the most beautifully created deaths.

Click on the image for the animated version.

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