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All content of NiceHash digital wallet is stolen in security breach

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closed his site on Wednesday after an important


  • The hackers emptied all the contents of a digital wallet
    belonging to NiceHash, a cryptocurrency company.
  • NiceHash did not say how much was stolen, but customers
    speculate that it could add about $ 63 million in
  • Many of the funds belonged to the company's clients,
    who use the site to exchange their computer processing power
    for cryptocurrency.

The content of a digital wallet belonging to the cryptocurrency
NiceHash company, which included potentially millions of dollars
Bitcoin value of the customers, was stolen in an important security
early breach on Wednesday.

The trick affected the NiceHash payment system, and the whole
content of the company's bitcoin wallet was stolen, the
The company said
in a Facebook post on Wednesday afternoon.

"Clearly, this is a matter of deep concern, and we are working
difficult to rectify the matter in the coming days, "said NiceHash in
the publication of Facebook. "In addition to undertaking our own
investigation, the incident has been reported to the
authorities and law enforcement, and we are cooperating with them
as a matter of urgency. "

The company did not respond to requests for comments.

NiceHash does not say how much bitcoin was stolen from your wallet
or how much of what was stolen belonged to their customers. But
some of the company's customers speculate that around 4,736
the total of bitcoins was stolen, worth more than $ 63 million from
Wednesday afternoon.

He came up with that estimate when looking
the total amount you feel in a newly created bitcoin
that some users of the company have suggested belongs to
the hacker. Although the owners of bitcoins are usually anonymous,
The amounts stored in your wallets can be searched publicly

Many miners left money in wallets at NiceHash & # 39; s

NiceHash offers an encrypted mining service. Let
customers offer their additional power of computer processing
for the high-energy calculations normally used to create, or
mine – new bitcoin or other cybercities.

Most NiceHash users use the so-called altcoins –
cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin, in exchange for their value
in bitcoin Users can also buy computer processing power from
other NiceHash users.

NiceHash customers frequently move the winning cryptocurrency
in NiceHash outside the service and in their own digital wallets or
in a bitcoin exchange. But some users have opted for
Keep your profits in NiceHash.

Piracy rumors first appeared on early Wednesday, and the site
It went down for maintenance soon after. Some NiceHash users
they reported on Reddit that they lost their connection to the service
while mining. Others said that their balances on the website went down
to zero.

NiceHash is the latest cryptocurrency company that suffers a
hack important in recent months. Despite the generalized notion that
the blockchain technology behind bitcoin and others
cryptocurrencies is safer and more reliable than that
underlying other types of digital financial transactions,
startups in the industry have had problems securing their sites and
software against hackers.

Another great trick happened last month at Parity, a digital device
popular wallet among startups that collect millions of dollars in
fundraising. Around $ 162 million in cryptocurrency ether

has been frozen
after a rookie hacker erased a code library
necessary to access the funds that are stored in some digital Parity

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