Alienware ends League of Legends sponsorship over Riot CEO sexual harassment investigation

Illustration for Report: Alienware Ends League Of Legends Sponsorship Over Riot CEO Sexual Harassment Investigation

Picture: Dell / Riot Games / Kotaku

According to a report in Dot esports, Alienware, the Dell-owned high-performance gaming PC brand, has severed ties with Riot Games due to Riot CEO Nicolo Laurent’s ongoing sexual harassment investigation and other public relations concerns.

The deal, originally scheduled to end in January 2022, appears to have been terminated early amid concerns about Riot’s public image. At the beginning of this year, Laurent was sued by his former executive assistant for sexual harassment. In 2019, Riot settled a gender discrimination lawsuit for $ 10 million and in 2018, Kotaku reported on Riot’s toxic and sexist work culture.

Alienware previously sponsored all League of Legends global esports broadcasts, including its world tournament. Since then, Riot has removed the Alienware brand.

In a statement to Dot esports, Riot said that negotiations with Alienware were ongoing.

“We are unable to comment on our agreement with them at this time due to confidentiality obligations,” the statement read “As we continue discussions with them, we have removed their brand from our broadcasts.”

Kotaku has reached out to Riot and Alienware for comment.


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