Alien invasion? No, just a Northern Lights experiment

Alien invasion? No, just a Northern Lights experiment

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Aware: 10:42 PM, April 6, 2019

Updated: 2019-04-07 15: 20: 11Z


(WXYZ) – The northern lights were predicted to be weak in Norway on Friday night, but two rockets launched by NASA created a much larger show for hundreds of miles.

The rockets were launched within two minutes of the Andoya Space Center in Norway as part of an experiment to study the Auroras. Two tracer chemicals were fired from the rockets in Earth's ionosphere (about 200 miles up), and created bright clouds of colors, which helped researchers track the flow of particles in the northern lights. NASA says that chemicals do not pose a threat to residents.

The photos of the colorful clouds are spectacular, but you have to see the video taken by Ole Salomonsen

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