Alibaba Web Browser Removed From App Stores After CCTV Reprimand

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Photographer: Tomohiro Ohsumi / Bloomberg

Alibaba’s UC browser disappeared from China’s largest app stores after the state-backed CCTV broadcaster attacked the popular mobile browser along with other failed consumer services.

The government-run China Central Television featured the app among various brands it accused of violating consumer rights in its annual name and shame show for March 15, World Consumer Rights Day. App stores managed by Huawei Technologies Co. and However, Xiaomi Corp. was among the local app stores that have since pulled the app. Apple Inc. continues to offer UCWeb for iOS users.

The browser was among a plethora of consumer products announced Monday. 360 Security Technology Inc. Shares went down in Shanghai after CCTV reported that ads in its search product contained false medical information, while the broadcaster also went after everything from Nissan Motor Co. owned Infiniti customer service to facial recognition software flaws.

But the report came at a sensitive time for Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., which is grappling with intensifying government scrutiny over its growing influence on the internet and media spheres, with uncertain results. Like 360, he was accused of posting false advertisements.

The Alibaba unit apologized in a statement for its “problems”, as is customary for the companies named that day. He vowed to create a dedicated team to investigate the allegations. “We will take further steps to strengthen our review procedures and enforce more rigorous standards,” the company said in its statement.

The Financial Times first reported on the removal of UC Browser.

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