Alexei Navalny’s anti-corruption message continues despite spewing poison, in a video released by her foundation

While Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny survives by consuming poison at a hospital in Berlin, his Anti Corruption Foundation continues its fight on behalf of Russian citizens.

The Foundation just released a blistering video, called “Bribes”. Palaces. Aeroplane. It was traded for the people of Tatarstan. “The film alleges rampant corruption in Russia and sets to follow the trail of money allegedly left by the leader of Tatarstan and his family.

Russian analyst Anna Zafesova, who has followed Navalny’s work closely, told Fox News that she believed it was important that her team remain.

“Not only because it is one of the very few sources of free information about Putin’s corruption and abuse of power in Russia, but also because it is an indication that Navalny is not merely a well-known media figure,” he said. “They have dozens of young women and men fully capable of doing their investigative work. They may be less charismatic than they are, but they are proof that the Russian opposition is not just virtual and its leader’s Cannot be silenced by poison. ”

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Navalni spokesperson Kira Yarmish and fellow team member Georgie Albrov protested the film Tatarstan, saying they were chased and harassed during the shooting by men who blocked their paths with nearby tractors or Was huddled nearby.

A few dramatic pictures along those lines appear in the film. Yarmish talks about how Tatarstan was considered one of Navalny’s stagnation on his late-summer swing through Russian territories before the elections.

Navalny was advocating “smart voting”. He argued that if he and people like him cannot run in elections in Russia, the best thing to do is to vote for only one candidate who is not from the same party as President Vladimir Putin, United Russia.

Navalny popularized it as a “party of miscreants and thieves” and probably wanted to remove his monopoly on power. He believes that “smart voting” may eventually take it away from power.

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In the documentary of Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan, Navalny’s team maintains its stylistic momentum with drone videos that identify it as the palatial homes of the regional president and his family, whom videos from a huge collection of fancy watches from Patek Philips Is compiled with. Breguet worn by the leader Rustam Minnikanov.

Even if you don’t understand Russian, it’s forcing TV, Zafesova said.

“Navalni’s investigation has evolved over the years from facts and analysis to full-scale films on her blog. He invented a whole new way to oppose power, a mixture of media and politics that is very important in a censored media environment like Russia and fills the void of free media as well as free debate and an independent judicial system . Zaleswa said, Navalny’s videos are funny, clever, accurate and shocking, not the wrongdoings of the government.


Yarmish and Albrov point out that Tatarstan has been in the “same clan” for 30 years, compared to (Belarusian President Alexander) Lukashenko and Putin. Navalni’s team alleged that the leaders of Tatarstan had reduced the revenue of oil, which should have gone to the regional treasury.

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The last video was shot by Navalny before she ate poison last week. They show him in Novosibirsk and then Tomsk, where he was apparently attacked.

He is seen talking to other anti-corruption campaigners in the city and forgiving the utility bills of the companies, which he says are controlled by local leaders.

The final video is called “Tomsk”. Mortgage of Deputies Mafia. “In the finale, Navalny says:” This is a video about Tomsk, but something similar will happen in your city. Your vote is also required for ‘smart voting’. Normal life is closer than we think. “