Alexander Windman says he has become a ‘never-trumper’

Retired Lt. Col. Alexander Windman says he has become “absolutely” a “never-trumper” after the relentless onslaught of President Donald Trump, he told NBC News’ Lester Holt that the White House has run into congressional Republicans A classified memoir about him is leaked. Bid to smear him.

In an interview aired Monday on “NBC Nightly News”, Windman says he is speaking publicly in hopes of encouraging Americans to “pick an option for us”.

Windman says that the language he used during his testimony before Congress during the impeachment investigation was never before. But Windman said that “as a presidential attack and has directly changed me politically.”

“In taking a very quiet view of where this president is taking this country, catering to divisions, our opponents, undermining national security interests, that I’m not a trumper at all,” says Wyndman.

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In July, Wyndman retired from the army in a “retaliatory” campaign to block his promotion to full colonel. His testimony about Trump’s pressure to call on the Ukrainian president to conduct an investigation that could harm Joe Biden became the centerpiece of the Democrats’ impeachment case. Trump was later acquitted in the Senate.

“I suspect, as soon as I heard the call, that if it became public that the president would be impeached, then there is no doubt,” says Wyndman.

“The entire venture from beginning to end seemed un-American,” Wiedman said on the infamous July 2019 call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. “It looked wrong, it looked corrupt, and frankly I doubt it could have been criminal.”

In the interview, Windman accused the White House of leaking classified information to Republicans to use against him.

When Vindemann testified to the impeachment investigation in November 2019, a Republican lawyer questioned him on the House Intelligence Committee, Steve Castor, whether the Ukrainian National Security Advisor offered him a job as Ukraine’s defense minister.

It was not clear at the time that House Republicans obtained that information. But Vinderman, who was born in Ukraine, confirmed that the Ukrainian had mentioned him three times, although he said he did not take the Overseers seriously.

“I’m an American. I came here when I was a kid. And I immediately rejected these offers, not entertained them,” Winderman said at the hearing.

Now Windman says the question was originally leaked from the White House. He says that he documented the overheads in a memo he had properly provided to his superiors to make it clear that he was not interested.

“That memo that I classified was leaked to the Republican House, a classified memo to try to get me to travel,” says Wyndman. “He could only come from one place, only from the White House.”

The White House did not respond to a request for comment.

Castor tells NBC News that he categorically denies that the White House was the source of that information, although he declined to say where he learned it.

Windman, who oversees the Ukraine portfolio at the White House National Security Council during events at the center of Trump’s impeachment, told “Knightley News” that Trump is “at least” dissatisfied with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He said other people described it as “a kind of love affair”.

Windman says it’s “unclear” whether Putin compromised information about Trump.

“I know other senior government officials suspect that there may be dirt on Putin,” says Wyndman. “But clearly, they do not need to use force. He has a willing participant in his venture. “

A veteran of the Iraq war veteran, Wyndman says he is speaking with “a significant amount of personal risk” in hopes of helping inform a voter going to the most important election of our lives, and perhaps them One can persuade us to choose what we have. “

“We cannot have four more years of this president and the kind of damage that he has done to American institutions. We have other options, ”says Wyndman. “And frankly, it’s a binary option. It’s one or the other. We can’t sit on a sit-in.”

Still, Wyndman declined to say whether he was registered to vote as a Democrat or Republican this year.

“I can tell you this: that the choice is obvious to me,” says Wyndman. “I’m going to vote for another man.”