Alexander Volkanovsky Yair Rodriguez and other fighters reacted to Brian Ortega vs. Korean Zombie

Brian Ortega won a decisive five-round win over ‘The Korean Zombie’ Chan Sung Jung. The three judges gave each round to ‘T-City’, as the former title challenger blamed his opponent. After losing his brutal title fight to former champion Max Holloway, Ortega returned with this victory to finish two years.

Ortega is now in a position to gain another title, this time against defending champion Alexander Volkanowski. Although some may call for Holloway to rematch, it appears that the title shot is set for Ortega. Even Shampoo knows, because he had a close watch on tonight’s proceedings.

Former bantamweight and flyweight champion Henry Cejudo was watching and tried to give The Zombie some advice on Twitter.

Another top featherweight, Yer Rodriguez, was watching closely. Dana White recently confirmed that the UFC is trying to book him against Zabit Magomedashripov, which will be another top contender matchup.

Top bantamweight contender Alzman Sterling commented that the elbow landed in the fight by Ottega, who knocked down the ‘TKZ’ before the zombie began to trade more punches.

Other prominent UFC names also kept a close watch on Fight Island 6’s main show.

Brian Ortega is ahead of Alexander Volkanowski

While Ortega lost to ‘Blessed’, no one can forget everything that happened before. ‘T-City’ was a favorite title in that fight as he walked into the division due to tears.

He was undefeated in his fight against Holloway. Ortega lost to the Doctor’s stagnation after absorbing a record number of games in a title fight. This was possibly the most brutal way to end an undefeated streak.

However, Time Off has actually worked wonders for Ortega. He was effective against high-level strikers like ‘TKZ’ and didn’t even have to rely on his jiu-jitsu game. Now, it will be interesting to see if he tries to face Holloway again or makes his way straight into the next title match against ‘The Great’. Either way, Ortega looks dangerous once again. What did you do to close the night?

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