Alexa print arrives just before Google Cloud Print

These days it can often feel like a waste to print something out. A situation that is only further strained by tech companies that constantly try to rid us of the need for pen and paper. While this is certainly a good thing in most cases, there are times when a printout may be the best approach. This is where Alexa steps into the frame. This creates a cinch to request your shopping list, a color page, recipe, and a printed copy in the list. These examples only scratch the surface of all those that are Alexa print capable. Continue reading to find out more.

Alexa print goes where Apple and Google have not given

It is hard to believe that AirPrint has been in operation for almost 10 years. From my point of view, it is one of the least developed Apple technologies. This makes printing from mobile devices a breeze and as it matured, its simplicity made its way into macOS. Google tried to compete with Cloud Print in its own way, but it would unfortunately meet his demise in a few months.

Despite the fact that Google is backpedaling, Amazon wants to choose further to call Alexa Print. Rather than using a smartphone or computer as a middleman, Amazon’s solution lets users request specific printouts with voice using one of their Echo devices.

So what can Alexa print do?

At launch, a simple Alexa print voice query can produce a physical shopping or to-do list, crossword or sudoku puzzles, educational worksheets, coloring pages, recipes, and more. Amazon has a complete list of what users can say here.

Alexa print does not stop there. You can also install smart borders, a feature that aims to make ink and toner maintenance a breeze. As you might expect, this capability allows Amazon to automatically detect and order print supplies as it notices that you are running low. Whoever enables Smart Limits will save 10% on every automated purchase.

Is my printer compatible with Alexa print?

Amazon tries to provide a simple answer to claim that Alexa “works with most IPP-enabled networked connected printers manufactured by HP, Brother, Canon, and Apps.” To confirm one way or the other, the company advises you to ask for an Echo device by saying, “Alexa, search for my printer.” Amazon has prepared a handy list of compatible printers for anyone wishing to purchase a supported unit.

9to5Toys’ Take

While my home paper use is rare, I see a lot of value in Alexa print. Not only can it simplify printer maintenance with automated commands, it saves children a simple way of capturing once the screen time limit is reached. Support from Alexr Skills like Allraps should make it a cinch to share a printed copy of the fabulous meal with friends and family.

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