Alex Trebek’s health is ‘priority number 1’ as ‘danger’! Return

You know every part Jeopardy! Episode, right after the first commercial break, when host Alex Trebek mixes with contestants? Don’t expect to see it in the era of COID-19.

Former contestant Ken Jennings was the winner of the show Jeopardy! Greatest of all time tournament In January, a consulting producer has been named for the show’s 37th season. During an appearance on monday good Morning America, He explained that Trebek would no longer contact the players at all. The show aired its first new episode on September 14, after production ceased in March.

“Trebek will stay on the host’s podium, instead of coming over the contestants,” Jennings explained. good Morning America.

“He is one of the old school broadcasters – the way he stays in people’s homes every night,” Jennings said. “People feel that he is part of the family. I know he is distraught to go. He was not happy with the general for a long time. Jeopardy! Vacancy He is excited to be back. “

Trebek, who had hosted the quiz show since 1984, turned 80 on July 22. His age alone particularly makes him vulnerable to viruses, but he is also a cancer patient. The beloved TV star revealed in March 2019 that she was diagnosed with late pancreatic cancer.

Since then, he gave regular updates to fans for his treatment. He said in July that he was tired of the treatment but otherwise “looked great.”

Trebek noted at the time that there were changes in store for the new season.

“We have redesigned our sets to differentiate the contestants and make ourselves a little bit more than them,” Trebek said during his own. GMA Interview. “That’s why we are taking all kinds of precautions. Our testing process is now online. “

In addition, contestants will stand apart and taping will be limited to two days a week.

In Jennings’ new role, he will present video categories, reach out to potential new contestants and work with the smarties that come up with those clues.

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