Alex Trebek is taking medical leave from Jeopardy! after surgery to remove blood clots from your brain after a fall.

Wearing a Jeopardy! baseball cap, yellow sweater and jeans, a tenuous Trebek, 77, left a video message at Jeopardy! YouTube channel on Thursday explaining its status and promising a quick return to the organization of the contest.

"Some of you may have already heard that during the holidays, I had a mild medical problem," Trebek said in the video.

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The fall he "endured about two months ago" caused subdural hematoma or blood clots in the brain, he said.

Trebek had surgery in December.

"After two days in the hospital, I arrived home to begin recovery," said Trebek. "The forecast is excellent, and I hope to be back in the studio recording more Jeopardy! very, very soon."

Deadline industry website reported that Trebek will resume recording Jeopardy! in mid-January. Because the program is filmed months in advance, your broadcast program will not be affected by medical permission with one exception: the next University Championship, which is supposed to be recorded now, will be filmed in March and will be broadcast in April .

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