Alex Trebek was a WrestleMania announcer at the time

Alex Trebek’s sharp wit, clever sense of humor and unrivaled hosting skills earned him a permanent place in the hearts of fans as “Uncle Alex”.

Since his death, people have been sharing memories about his kindness, serious, calm and funny, and his ability to switch between some awesome horses Jeopardy!

Years ago, Trebek cited it as an announcer and interviewer for WrestleMania VII, the most popular event at the time. And he signed for the job.

Fans who remember that era of wrestling may remember when they heard the voice of Late Host on the mic to welcome the ring’s biggest stars.

Alex Trebuck at the 36th Annual Day Emmy Awards, 2009 | Kevin Winter / Day / Getty Images for ATV

WWE pays tribute to Alex Trebek on his death

On November 8, WWE was among those who expressed condolences on the social media about Trebek’s death. He tweeted, “WWE is sad to learn that Alex Trebek has passed away at the age of 80. WWE expresses his condolences to Trebek’s family, friends and fans.”

Along with its tweet, the company shared a photo of him from WrestleMania VII where he stepped into the ring to bring out the night’s contenders. This led some fans to seek footage of the incident in March 1991 in Los Angeles.

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Trebek interviewed fan favorite Jake the Snake and more

WrestleMania VII features Hulk Hogan vs. Sgt. Slaughter as the main event, a much awaited matchup that was disputed due to its Gulf War theme. It also marked Randy Savage’s retirement match and return to the ring after back surgery, and The Undertaker made his debut at WrestleMania.

Trebek introduced Hogan and Sgt. Slaughtered in the ring for his championship clash and backstage, he had the chance to interview old JKF staples such as “Jake the Snake” Roberts, Mr. Fuji and Smash and Crush of Demolition. He also cut it with fellow interviewers “Mean Jean” Okerlund, Marla Maples and Regis Philbin.

Fox Sports journalist Ryan Satin shared a clip of Trebek talking to Jake the Snake during the program. Earlier in the show, Trebek mentioned that he had not yet met wrestler snake Damien. In true WWE fashion, he played this fact in this segment.

Trebek cast guest spots on other shows

WrestleMania wouldn’t be the last time Trebek stayed out with the wrestlers. In 1996 he did a cameo as Man in Black The x files With Jessie Ventura, a retired WWE professional and former governor of Minnesota.

His other on-screen credits include Arthur, How i met your mother, Seinfeld, Simpson, Hot in cleveland, Cheers, And Orange is the new black. In netflix OITNB, Trebek actually said the B-word, which caught the audience off guard, but was still cheerful.

NBC will continue airing new episodes Jeopardy! With the beloved host behind the podium. As the show was already filmed, Vault had weeks of new episodes. Trebek’s final day of filming was October 29 and its final episode will air on December 25.

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