Alex Ovechkin, three other capitals violated COVID protocol in Pittsburgh

The NHL has given interesting news of the Penguins’ final opponent, fining the Washington Capitals $ 100,000 and adding four players to the “COVID Protocol Related Absentee” list.

All four players added to the list are very high profile:

Here is the statement of the capitals on the matter:

Zappers rink as described:

The statement builds on existing reporting. Primarily, it appears that Ovechkin, Orlov, Kuznetsov and Samsonov were all out of the team’s sanctioned areas (some times without masks). At this point, however, we have no idea if any Caps player has tested positive for COVID, nor how long they can stay out.

As of Wednesday night, much is unknown. What exactly did these players do, only to have the congregation together several times in a hotel room in Pittsburgh – where they stayed from Saturday night to Tuesday before the game? It seems quite intuitively enough that they are in a bubble together on team buses, planes, dressing rooms, jammed together on the bench taking heavy breaths and it is all good in the long quarters.

But does this situation go deeper? Were there other non-players who constituted this hefty penalty? How did the league know about this too? Did any (or all) of these players test positive to find that they violated the procedures? All answers to these questions are currently unknown or unproven.

The last question is probably the most important, as these players were in close contact with the Penguins on Sunday and also last night. It would be a mess situation if it came out that many players might be able to spread the virus to another team, if it came to that. Which, again, at this point we are not sure if this is a possibility. Or unlikely.

An important reminder is that simply being in the “NHL Protocol” does not mean that a player has tested positive for the virus.

Through testing, as of Wednesday we know that the Penguins currently do not have a player in the NHL’s COVID protocol, and it will certainly be expected in the coming days to note that Pittsburgh (or for that matter (Washington) No player will be added to the list.

It is also unknown how long the Capitals will stay out or until they clarify the NHL’s protocol. The Capitals are scheduled to play in Washington next Friday. The Penguins also play on Friday in Pittsburgh against the NY Rangers. The NHL has already had to postpone several games in the first week of the season.

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