Alec Baldwin wishes Hilaria a happy birthday on Instagram

Alec Baldwin took to Instagram on Wednesday to wish wife Hilaria a happy birthday.

“Happy birthday to the love of my life,” he wrote below a family photo. “The only person in the world who gives me happiness and peace every day. The person who is my house. my everything.”

Hilaria, 37, and Alec, her husband of 62, welcomed Eduardo, their latest addition just a few months ago. He joined Carmen, 7; Rafael, 5; Leonardo, 4; And Romeo, 2.

Baldwin’s post offered a glimpse at the couple’s “regular” social media presence that they are actually experiencing the itch, going back to face a massive comeback to face his wife in late 2020 There is an itch for that for his longstanding effort to pass himself off as a person of Spanish heritage. .

While Baldwin’s rift was exposed on social media, heap continued in the regular media, which compiled clips of Hilaria’s wavering Spanish accents and revealed that he was his parents, Dr. Catherine Hayward and David grew up in a multimillion-dollar Boston home. Thomas.

Needless to say, the Baldwins were not happy: Alec’s daughter Ireland came to the rescue of her stepmother, while Alec was out on social media. This week, a source told “Entertainment Tonight” that the couple were “very upset” that their cultural identity and background were also “being questioned” and remained “deeply affected” by the controversy,

“Hilaria is such a soft-spoken, kind, caring and loving figure and the harassment and hate she has received on social media owes a lot to her.”


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