Alec Baldwin Defends Trumpian Hilaria

FThe bizarre revelation that Alec Baldwin’s elf-influenced wife, Hilaria, has been seen as a Spanish man for years, 30 rock The star has come to its rescue in true pugilistic style.

The initial salvo was an 8-minute Instagram video, posted after emerging that “Hilaria” was born in Massachusetts, her parents being upper-class Americans with roots dating back to colonial times, she wrote a post in Weston Attended Tony Private School, which cost 63,000 a year (where she did not do Is an accent), and her birth name is Hillary.

In Baldwin’s video response – between railing against Facebook, comparing Twitter sleuths who unmasked Hilaria, @lenibriscoe in the Still Bar coaster, and explaining that his telephone number in Jeffstein Epstein’s black book (?) Why can it expire – they requested again? And with his millions of followers “to consider the source,” calling his 36-year-old wife “venom” and accusations of “ridiculous”. Its vast nature compared to that of a certain 45th president.

Then, 62-year-old Baldwin took it upon himself to signal to the notorious anti-vaxexer / conspiracy theorist Robert F. Kennedy, which is how the first batches of the COVID-19 vaccine are administered during a global pandemic.

He was not. Late last night, Baldwin posted a lengthy comment under a Hilaria Instagram post, “I understand, from day one, that you were born and raised here, for many years, both in the US and Spain. You never claimed Did that you were from Spain. You always made sure that you were born here. “(In the video, Hilaria confessed that she was born in Boston, and said she would spend some of her childhood in Spain – Although this claim is baseless.)

This is unfortunately not true. In A podcast earlier this year, Hilaria claimed that she moved to the US at the age of 19 to go to NYU (not true); Repeatedly sent to Spain As his “home”; And has grabbed the cover of Spanish-language publication Hola! Magazine three times. Each time he was identified as Spanish in the story. Additionally, pages from her Wikipedia and CAA speakers listed her birthplace as Mallorca, Spain (they have since rubbed off). It appears that her habit of darkening her skin, affecting an accent and forgetting the English word for “cucumber” was nothing more than an act by an opportunistic culture vulture.

And it seems that Baldwin was either rioted or betrayed himself. In form of Daily mailCheyenne Roundtree reported, Hilaria’s wedding to Baldwin in June 2012 was a Spanish-themed affair, with the bride donning a mantilla veil and waving a flamenco hand fan. according to similarity, “The couple exchanged wedding bands in which ‘Somos un buen lasso’ in English means – ‘We are a good team.” The Lovebirds had their first dance in ‘Contigo’ by Luis Miguel and while celebrating their third anniversary, Hilaria performed a video of her wedding with the song Ave Maria playing with the clip … she later revealed The people In Nupetals, ‘I liked that I brought a little change in my culture.’ Vanity Fair Espana, She claimed that her parents had difficulty pronouncing the name “Baldwin”.

“I had to repeat it to my family three times: Baldwin. And the third time they said, oh, we already know who this is! Why didn’t you say it right the first time?” She told the publication.

And it seems that Baldwin was either rioted or betrayed himself.

Meanwhile, Baldwin has repeatedly claimed that his wife was Spanish on social media. In April 2013, he Tweeted an image The pregnant and their dogs said that, “I miss my three Spanish women …” and Hilaria enthusiastically replied, “4!” That same month, Baldwin departed The late show with david letterman to discuss New york postIt is recently alleged that he went on racist molestation against a reporter. During their chat, Baldwin again stated that his wife was Spanish, imitating his wife Talking to her hairdresser on the phone in a Spanish accent and telling Letterman, “My wife is from Spain.”

Two years ago, in 2011, Baldwin Tweeted out Gypsy Kings song and dedicated it to “all the Yoga teachers of Spain”; Hilaria replied, “This is everything a Spanish yoga teacher could ever want! Gracias Corazon.”

In the wake of the uproar, Baldwin — who has a reputation for verbally abusive behavior and was once convicted of blaming a man on a parking lot — portrayed himself as the victim of an online smear campaign Continued and even told an important Instagram user “Fuck yourself.”

For a guy who is out of a terrible terrible Trump impression, he is acting right about Trumpian right now.

And remember, friends: Consider the source.


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