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Alec Baldwin defends Dustin Hoffman

Alec Baldwin does not want "innocent" people to fall for something they did not do.

During an appearance on Megyn Kelly TODAY Thursday morning, the actor opened up about the sexual harassment scandal in Hollywood, saying he wants to make sure the right people are "damned."

"I want to see people who really did something to be condemned, I want to say that I want people who are wrong, I want them to be punished," he said. "But I also do not want innocent people getting hurt."

When asked about his long-removed tweets that condemn nightclub hosts for asking guests questions about sexual harassment, Baldwin emphasized the danger of presuming guilt. 19659002] "I think that this whole thing, which is a big can of worms to really open up, is really very difficult, because you certainly want to see all those who are guilty of something, who have done bad things, wrong things that hurt the people, you want to see those people punished, "he said. "But I do not want to see other people involved in that, there are a lot of accusations and no proof yet, I do not want to see people hurt."

  Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin

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Speaking specifically about Last Week Tonight presents the recent confrontation of John Oliver with Dustin Hoffman, the actor said he was worried about the wrong accusation of innocent people.

"A lot of people, by the way, support it, they think that those hosts of those programs are perfect, not only within their rights, but it is very attractive or very necessary that they press this cause," he said. "I just do not want to see innocent people get into trouble."

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Still, Baldwin said there is "No excuse" for inappropriate behavior.

"We need to have a greater understanding of where, how we treat people," Baldwin said of what needs to change to move forward. "As someone told me, if we're in a conversation and I'm talking to you, that's a mild form of intimidation, if I do not let you finish your sentence, and men do that to women all the time."

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