Alec Baldwin deactivates Twitter account after Gillian Anderson tweet ‘changing accents’

Alec Baldwin says his tweet about Gillian Anderson’s “accent change” was not intended to be “derogatory.” (Photo: Jim Spellman / Getty Images)

Alec Baldwin is addressing his comment on Gillian Anderson’s “accent change” on Twitter, saying it is his latest annoyance with the social networking site, which is why he deactivated his account. Meanwhile, Hilaria shares more details about the birth of her sixth daughter, María Lucía.

In the wake of his wife Hilaria’s Spanish heritage scandal, in which he claimed she was from Spain despite being a white Boston woman named Hilary and later apologized for not being “clearer,” Alec took to Twitter to share a link to a story. on how The crown The actress’s American accent “baffles some people” after her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes on Sunday. Alec wrote: “Change accents? That sounds … fascinating,” in a tweet that did not go unnoticed. He then clarified that it was not meant to be a slight against Anderson (who was born in the US but has spent his life living in both the UK and the US).

“I noticed that someone said that this actress, whom I will not mention [by name], had changed accents while doing press for his show, from [the British accent she uses in The Crown to her] American accent, “he said in an Instagram video.” I just wrote, ‘Oh that’s interesting.’

He continued: “Of course you can’t do any irony on Twitter. You can’t do any irony in America because America is such a tense and stressed place. Such an unpleasant place right now. But the person I was referring to. someone of whom I am a huge fan. Huge, huge fan. The comment was intended to illustrate the point that I find the multicultural expressions of anyone, whatever the language of the country, the music, the food, the clothes, the art, whatever those expressions are important to you, that’s your business. “

Yet Alec said that on Twitter – “which is where all the assholes in America and beyond go to get their advanced degrees in ** holiness” – it becomes a story.

“So I deactivated that account today,” he continued, and is “sending a message to the actress who was the subject of my comment. It was not intended at all to be offensive” or “not at all derogatory” towards the actress, whom he does not know personally. but admires for his talent. “I [just] I completely understand people who live in two countries, “as Hilaria has said, she spent a lot of time in Spain growing up, and her parents moved there about 10 years ago.

Alec said he is “very grateful” to the Instagram commenters who shared cute messages in their posts about welcoming a new daughter, Maria Lucía, six months after Hilaria gave birth to her fifth child Edu, who is another. subject that has attracted the attention of the public, curious as to whether or not they used a substitute, which they are believed to have, or adopted.

He said that even on Instagram, they tease him for being an older father (he is 62 and she is 37) “as if they were giving me new information.” But he said that “the important thing about being an older father is that work is less important to me. I try to balance that a lot with my wife and my children. Having children when you are older, my God, the appreciation that you have … Neither. I can even describe it, “and added,” I don’t expect anyone to identify with that. “

He went on to say, “I know this is cheesy: I love my kids more than I could put into words. I love my wife more than I could put into words … I have never been happier in my entire life. I owe it to Hilaria. “

On Thursday, Hilaria wrote more about the birth of Lucia, although she has not yet confirmed that they used a surrogate mother. She said that after having a miscarriage in 2019, when they were expecting a second daughter, she promised her children, Carmen, 7, Rafael, 5, Leonardo, 4, Romeo, 2, and newborn Eduardo, that her “sister” would come. “

She wrote: “Our hearts are filled with so much gratitude. The Baldwinitos yearned so much for a little sister. Many of you will remember the loss of your sister at 4 months at the end of 2019. There is not a day that passes by where we don’t Our daughter hurts. When I found out that our baby had died, I told our children that their sister was coming, but not at that time. Nothing will ever replace her, but two wonderful souls have come into our lives, and we feel honored to meet you. “

She continued: “Our children were brave during our time of tremendous pain, braver than us … and they held out hope. Experiencing and accepting the ups and downs of life is a challenge, but a reality that we all have no choice but to face. . receive and process. I have learned that our children are often wiser than us and their wisdom has guided us. Our rainbow baby, Edu, is a blessing, we are overwhelmed by how lucky we are to have him. day, united and grateful for all the very special angels who helped bring Lucia to the world María Lucía Victoria and Eduardo Pau Lucas: our babies who bring light to our lives, almost like twins, we love them very much.

While that doesn’t officially clear up the surrogacy mystery, Hilaria follows Alcea Surrogacy on social media and had the company’s CEO on her. Mom Brain podcast – and the company recently congratulated “H and A” on the birth of “their daughter M.”

(Screenshot: Tracie Morrissey via Instagram)

(Screenshot: Tracie Morrissey via Instagram)

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