Ale Handmaid’s Tale star OT Fagbenley shifts to new comedy

The new series by OT Fagbenley is a family affair.

That’s because “MaxX,” a six-episode comedy made by Fagbenle (“The Handmaid’s Tale”), is co-starred and co-executive-produced by his brother, Luti. “When we were 8 years old, we had our first short appearance and I was 12 years old,” the 39-year-old London-born Fagbenley told the Post. “But this was our first journey in creating a fully composed written, directed long-form narrative.”

On Hulu Tuesday, “MaxX” follows his titular character (Fagbel), an ex-boy-band star who attempts to win back his supermodel ex-girlfriend (JerseyDon Dunn) and shows the world that He is still relevant. Lutti played Rico, the X-bandmate of MaxX; Chris Meloni co-stars as Don Wilde, the coke-snorting manager of Max Wilde’s record company.

It is a switch to TV roles for Fagbenal, known for being a rising star who plays June’s Elizabeth (Elizabeth Moss) husband Luke in “The Handmaid’s Tale”. He is co-starring with Scarlett Johansson in Marvel’s upcoming “Black Widow” film, which is currently scheduled for a November release.

Fagben states that “Maxxx” was inspired by his comments on the nature of fame.

“It was a confluence of things,” he says. “Part of it was just noting how the world is getting more and more with celebrity, and I wanted to differentiate between being famous and being respected. I wanted to talk about that, and how corrosive the human condition is.

“And on a personal level, I went through some bad-hearted times before,” he says. “You can get so attached to these outer parts of your psyche, that is why I wanted to put my hands on it. [‘Maxxx’ is] A really silly comedy, and it has funny funny humor, but at the same time we deal with some deep philosophical questions.

OT Fagbenley stars in the series
OT Fagbenley stars in the series “MaxXX”.Luti Media

Meloni, Fagbenal says, “simply brought his character to life in a completely extraordinary way.” The show also has several cameos from big names such as the Backstreet Boys and Larry King.

“I was really impressed by it [production] The team has the ability to be malleable and flexible and sensitive, ”he says. “We managed to get these incredible celebrity cameos. We needed to move at lightning speed, ‘We’ve got an hour to get a film crew here because Larry [King] We can shoot him now! ‘I wasn’t completely sure we could pull half the stuff that we pulled. “

Fagben found himself modifying a cameo, he says.

“We managed to convince Jordan Dunn, Britain’s biggest supermodel, who asks my girlfriend to play in it.” “When I first wrote it, I wasn’t sure of his acting ability, so I reduced the amount of words he said. But I met Jordan and we did a little rehearsal and it was so good and so funny that … I rewrote her and made her role bigger. ”

His brother Lutty, who directed and produced music videos for the likes of Zayn Malik, Iggy Azalia, One Direction and Drake, saw Fagbenal using his skills to incorporate Tippy from the Mexican boy-band glory days, Helped to make the world of “MaxX” real. .

“We filmed the show in London last year,” Fagbenley says. “But basically I knew when I was going to press I was basically going to make MaxX ‘ [‘The Handmaid’s Tale’] And I was roaming around and calling my brother and ‘How soon can you get a camera crew?’ So we have footage in Malibu, New York, Jamaica, Mexico – a wide array of locations.

“Lots of these things only appear on the show for 10 seconds, but it helps create the texture of the world.”

Christopher Meloni plays OT Fagbenley alongside manager Don Wilde.
Christopher Meloni plays OT Fagbenley alongside manager Don Wilde.All3Media


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