Albuquerque police officer adopts baby addicted to heroin –

Albuquerque police officer adopts baby addicted to heroin


A kindly cop has adopted the baby of a heroin addict he met while responding to a robbery.

It was a routine call for police officer Ryan Holets in the American city of Albuquerque, but nothing had prepared him for what he would see and how he would change his life.

In the Clutches of a Heroine and Methamphetamine Addiction, Pregnant for 8 Months Crystal Champ, 35, was homeless on the streets of New Mexico.

Albuquerque police Ryan Holets adopted the baby Hope of a mother addicted to heroin and ice. Source: Supplied

When she became pregnant, she knew she could not take care of the baby.

On his way from the scene of the robbery at the convenience store on September 23, the agent saw Mrs. Champ and a man sitting in the grbad nearby, seeming to prepare to shoot heroin.

The policeman turned on his body camera and approached the couple.

"Why are you going to do those things? It's going to ruin your baby. You're going to kill your baby," Officer Holets can be heard in the video clip asking the visibly pregnant woman.

Crystal Champ now lives in a tent next to a road. Source: CNN

At that time, the father of four children decided that he would help in the most extraordinary way, adopting the woman's baby.

Baby Hope was born three weeks later.

Officer Holets offered the child a better start in life when the sick mother begged for someone to take care of her.

"Not every day I see such a vision and that saddens me a lot," he said.

"I have been tired of seeing so many situations in which I want to help but I can not and at that moment I realized that I had the opportunity to help".

The baby's mother said she was grateful to the officer and his wife for giving the child a better start to life. Source: CNN

While Ms. Champ tries to change her life, she knows that at least her little girl's life is in good hands.

"I just want him to be safe and secure, in a family and to be loved and have a chance, and all these things that I can not give him right now," the emotional woman told CNN in an interview later.

"There must be more people like Ryan, his wife and his family in this world."

"I know how bad my situation is. I know I'm a horrible person "

Thanks to a generous police officer who went beyond his duty, the baby Hope has the opportunity to start his life in a safe home.

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