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Alabama vs. USA Predictions Georgia, selections: spread of national championship game, line

ATLANTA – No. 3 Georgia and No. 4 Alabama will fight on Monday in the National College Football Tournament of 2018, marking the second time in seven seasons that two Southeast Conference teams will fight for the national title. [19659002] While the Bulldogs have not won a national championship since 1980 and have not competed for one since 1983, the Crimson Tide has seen its many opportunities and victories in recent times. Alabama will be in its third consecutive title and sixth in the last nine seasons. Bama is 4-1 in his last five appearances and is looking to beat coach Nick Saban in his sixth national title, which would pair him with former Tide coach Bear Bryant as the only two coaches to accomplish that feat.

This is what CBS Sports does The panel of college football experts believes it will move to the ATL on Monday.

So, which side do you need to be in the National Championship? Visit SportsLine now to get a good selection of Alabama vs. Georgia from SEC guru Barrett Sallee, who is in a 27-18 red-hot race against open selections.

2018 predictions of the completion of college football

Dennis Dodd, senior member of college football: Alabama's defense is "fixed." Not that it ever broke, but this unit just was not up to Nick Saban's standards this season. But moving from giving 35 to Clemson a year ago to six last Monday sends an encouraging message. Sony Michel and Nick Chubb are not going to run freely as they did against Oklahoma. Despite losing linebacker Anfernee Jennings, the D is scored. Alabama 21, Georgia 17

Jerry Palm, CFP and Bowl Expert: Alabama has the best talent and the best trainer. That is really the whole reason why you need to choose Crimson Tide to win this game or any game. Obviously, Alabama does not beat them all, but Tide's problem this year has been healthier than anything else. The team is as healthy and motivated as it has been throughout the year and has been in this situation before. Also, I do not know what the training is against his former assistants, but Nick Saban is 11-0 in those games. Make no mistake: Georgia is good enough to win this game, but I will not bet it. Alabama 20, Georgia 13

Chip Patterson, college football writer: This just feels like a game that both teams are more than happy to play in a phone booth, and when it comes to strength-in-force with a national championship on the line, the logical choice is Alabama. I would not be surprised if Georgia, in the middle of a wild year that will undoubtedly trigger more SEC and University Football Playoffs in the future, will achieve the reverse, but it will take some turnovers and big special teams plays to get fact. Oklahoma's problems with the lineups, career adjustments and open field approaches are not going to be there for the Tide, so I do not think Nick Chubb and Sony Michel are capable of throwing enough explosive careers to hold units against one another. Alabama defense that was in boa constrictor mode against Clemson. Alabama 23, Georgia 16

Barton Simmons, senior writer of college football: We are all programmed to think too much about this game, delve into the details of each showdown, each strength , every weakness. But this pairing in particular is of two teams matched with two very similar identities in offense and defense that they do with personnel that is fairly even. So in a game like this, it all comes down to execution, and I just trust Georgia to run better. The game will be close, and may simply be two teams adverse to the error waiting for the other to see who flashes first. I trust a little more in Jake Fromm and Georgia to win that look contest. While Georgia played in the closest and most emotional competition in the semifinals, Alabama played in the most physical game that cost two starters. With narrow margins, that will be enough for a three-point victory. Georgia 20, Alabama 17

Tom Fornelli, college football writer: I can not go against Alabama here. Yes, these two teams are similar, and both are very good. Georgia could win as easily as Alabama, but I will not choose the Dawgs to do it. The reason is simple: while they are close to mirror images of each other, Alabama is better in areas where Georgia is better than Georgia in places where it is better than Bama. Also, after watching last week's game, I'm afraid the Alabama defense is back in Death Machine mode, and may God help anyone who crosses the path of Alabama's Death Machine. Alabama 27, Georgia 21

Barrett Sallee, college football writer: It all comes down to one simple thing: Georgia is a football team more complete than Alabama. They prefer to get dirty and play the physical style that is known to play in Alabama, but they can also open it when they need it, as they showed at the Rose Bowl when quarterback Jake Fromm led them to the game at the stadium. end of regulation. Georgia will select and choose your moment to open things, play some big plays and control the game at all times. Watch D & # 39; Andre Swift and Sony Michel as backfield receivers. They could be big parts of the game plan as weapons when coach Kirby Smart decides to be creative. Georgia 24, Alabama 17

Adam Silverstein, assistant editor: Experience counts, not only on the field and in the sidelines but also in the postseason. Add that to the extensive travels from Georgia, not only from California back to Georgia but also between Athens and Atlanta, in constant preparation for the game, and the Crimson Tide seems to have all the advantages off the field. And in a game that has coaches and family defenses, those additional advantages count. Add to this the mobility of Jalen Hurts as a factor X, and the fact that Alabama specializes in closing the Georgia fortress (it's a tremendous game), and I think the curse of the favorites in the recent championship games (0 -4 ATS, 2 -2 SU) comes to an end on Monday. Alabama 27, Georgia 20

Ben Kercheval, college football writer: Considering how dominant the defensive fronts of Alabama and Georgia were in the semifinals, it should not be surprising that this project is a game with lower score. The difference is Georgia's smashmouth offense, although efficient, plays directly with Alabama's strength in defense. If the Sugar Bowl taught us anything, it is that the death of Crimson Tide by slow asphyxia has returned and is brutally effective as always. Georgia won the Rose Bowl in a style that was outside of their comfort zone. It does not seem that this is the type of game (or opponent) in which he can afford to do it again. Alabama 24, Georgia 20

Brandon Wise, college football editor: Nick Chubb and Sony Michel will do something no other hurried duo in the country has achieved: crack against the cacareates of Alabama seven. With a little help from freshman Jake Fromm and a powerful offensive line, Chubb and Michel will methodically break through the defense and score several times to give the Bulldogs a title. Georgia 31, Alabama 27

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