Alabama tornado saved a scarf-wrapped cross as it devastated a Birmingham neighborhood –

Alabama tornado saved a scarf-wrapped cross as it devastated a Birmingham neighborhood

“It’s just God,” Cook told CNN on Friday.

Cook and her husband weathered the tornado in a closet at their two-story home in Birmingham’s Eagle Point neighborhood. They could see the storm clouds above them when the roof gave way.

Cook said that after the storm passed, he wanted to keep as many photographs as possible of his damaged home.

Later, he noticed that the cross was still in his backyard and that the purple cloth had not been blown off.

“It’s still there and my cross is still there because God was with all these people and with us,” Cook said.

Dena Cook stands by the cross her husband built for their backyard.
Her husband had built the cross last year at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and she had covered it in the purple cloth for Lent, the 40-day season of repentance leading up to Easter. Cook said he has rearranged the fabric since the storm to match his church.

She plans to replace the fabric with a white one on Easter Sunday.

“This is what God is all about,” Cook said, pointing to the cross. “Lent is a sad time, but that Easter Sunday will be beautiful again.”

The National Weather Service said 23 tornadoes formed in the southeast Thursday through Friday morning: one in Mississippi; 17 in Alabama; and five in Georgia.

More tornadoes may be in the south this weekend

The tornadoes killed at least five people in Calhoun County, Alabama, and one person in Coweta County, Georgia, which is south of Atlanta.

A tornado caused extensive damage to the Cook neighborhood, breaking down trees and reducing brick-walled houses to piles of rubble.

“Tornadoes are known to indiscriminately damage some homes and property and not others,” CNN meteorologist Derek Van Dam said. its place, but it destroyed the roof of the nearby house. ”

The buzz of chainsaws was heard throughout the neighborhood Friday as people worked to clear debris and spread blue tarps over damaged homes.


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