Alabama man dies of contagious COVID-19 type contract

An Alabama father of two who contracted the UK’s COVID-19 version has lost his battle with the highly contagious virus, his wife says.

Wife Ashley Jackson told The Birmingham News that Alphonzia Jackson Jr. began to become ill at Christmas time and her symptoms worsened when she began struggling to breathe two weeks earlier.

Jackson was admitted to UAB Hospital in Birmingham on 22 January and his wife later found out that he tested positive for the UK version which is spreading rapidly across the US.

On Tuesday, she posted on Facebook that her beloved husband had passed away.

“God this day has been tough,” he wrote. “I would not wish this on anyone after saying goodbye to my wonderful husband. I remembered the day I said I do and we have promised to spend the rest of our lives together. “

Medical experts fear that the vaccines will be less effective against various strains of coronavirus – including those in the UK, South Africa and Brazil.