Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban, Ohio State Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer makes the case for the final spot in the college football heat –

Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban, Ohio State Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer makes the case for the final spot in the college football heat


INDIANAPOLIS – Ohio State coach Urban Meyer and Alabama coach Nick Saban made their final arguments on Saturday night to find out why their teams should win last place in the tiebreaker at the university .

After No. 1 Clemson, No. 3 Oklahoma and No. 6 Georgia in their respective league championship games on Saturday, the last place in the playoffs will likely go down to No. 8 Ohio State or No. 5 Alabama. The Buckeyes (11-2) resisted Wisconsin No. 4 27-21 in the Big Ten championship game, while Alabama (11-1) was inactive on Saturday, but they still rated their profile as the best team in the game. nation for parts of the championship. season.

"You want to get the four best teams in the tiebreaker," Saban told Scott Van Pelt at SportsCenter. "You should see the total body of work that the team did throughout the season, and I would say that if we lost a team in our conference that was not rated by 30 points, you would not be having this conversation, you would not be talking to me."

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Saban was referring to the 55-24 defeat of Ohio State in Iowa not clbadified on November 4, the second double-digit loss of the Buckeyes season (fell 31 -16 to Oklahoma in week 2). But the state of Ohio joined to win the conference title, while adding a second victory over an opponent of the top 4 at the time they played (the Buckeyes beat the No. 2 Penn State on October 28).

Meyer's case for the state of Ohio reflected what he did last year, even though the Buckeyes did not win the Big Ten. He argued that the quality of victories for Ohio State – Wisconsin, Penn State and Michigan State – deserves inclusion in the tiebreaker.

"Two victories over the top four teams this year, another blowout victory against a team of [No.] 12 in America," Meyer said. "And then we played three teams in the top five and we won two of them, it's amazing how important this tiebreaker is and how everyone revolves around it, I hope we have a chance."

Saban defended the quality and timing of Alabama's only loss, a 26-14 loss last week at No. 2 Auburn, which fell to Georgia in the SEC championship. He told "SportsCenter" that the loss of Auburn did not represent the body of work of Alabama and that while the teams can survive the early losses of the season, which will occur later in the year.

"Georgia also lost there." Much more than we did, "Saban said." So they're in the playoffs, they made their way to it, but I think if the top four teams get involved in this, we'll have a lot of consideration, and I think our team deserves to participate. ""

Ohio State was found in the Alabama position last season, and became the first team to be selected for the tie-break without winning a conference or division championship. The difference last year, Meyer said Saturday, is that Ohio State had the winning profile: Oklahoma on the road, Wisconsin on the road and Michigan at home, to win a spot. Alabama's best victories this season were against the No. 17 LSU and the No. 23 Mississippi State.

When asked about the perception that Wisconsin did not deserve a ranking of the first 5 before Saturday, Meyer said of the Badgers: "We had some experience against some top-five teams. It's a team of soccer top 5. Excellent team ".

The Buckeyes players also pointed out their general profile and the fact that they were able to finish strong after the defeat of Iowa with victories over Michigan. State, Michigan and Wisconsin.

"If you look at our résumé, not many teams can say they beat the teams that won, they fought over the things we fought for, and we're still reaching a peak, man," Ohio State Linebacker ] Chris Worley said. "We have a lot more to do, we have played great teams and we have been victorious in almost all of them, that's all you have to say, we played in a team of the top 4 in the nation today, we beat them, then that should turn us into a top-4 team in the nation, we played a top-2 team in the nation at that time, Penn State, and we beat them.

"I'll go that to the committee, but I do not know what else you want us to do? I just hope they take all those things into account. "

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