Ajit Pai announced 3Mbps internet upload speed is still enough for you

Former FCC President Ajit Pai Left the building, But did not give the telecom industry one last pat without lagging: In their final annual broadband report, they decided that 3Mbps upload speed and 25Mbps download speed were still more than enough for Americans (via) Ars Technica) is.

“We find that the current speed benchmark of 25/3 Mbps is a reasonable measure by which to assess whether a certain service is providing enhanced telecommunications capability,” the report reads.

how so? Because the FCC feels that it is required by law to do as much as: “We have concluded that fixed services with speeds of 25/3 Mbps continue to meet the statutory definition of enhanced telecommunications capacity; that is, to enable such services do[] To receive and receive high quality voice, data, graphics and video telecommunications to users. ”

I don’t know what you consider “high-quality”, but I know from experience that my 5Mbps upload speed, for which I pay $ 100 per month, is the way my family uploads large videos ” Generate “or streaming games.

However the speed of 25Mbps / 3Mbps is also not minimum, as there is no point in implementing the annual broadband report. It is a benchmark by which the FCC determines whether it is doing its job of helping to close the digital divide – where 1 to 3 US homes do not have broadband Internet access at all.. Currently, if an ISP claims that it can provide a 25Mbps down / 3Mbps internet connection Anywhere in your entire census block, Much less from your home country, the FCC considers completing its work. Oh, and the FCC doesn’t even audit those numbers! It is a “fox-guarding hen”.

There are some reporting deficiencies to be fixed, but not the pace of American payments and ridiculous prices.

For Pai, who topped the list of 84 biggest technical failures of our decade, he is now free to find a lucrative job as a lobbyist in the telecommunications industry. Former President Donald Trump explicitly gave his entire administration permission to do so, imposing a five-year ban on officers lobbying their former agencies, while going out the door.

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