AirPods 3 is expected to launch in Q3 2021 as production of wireless earbuds reportedly started

The launch of AirPods 3 could take place during the third quarter of 2021, according to a new preview of the report. Apparently Apple’s Taiwanese supplier ASE Technology has started mass production of optical sensors that will be found in wireless headphones.

Latest AirPods 3 Launch Report Aligns With Renowned Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s Previous Report

MacRumors has seen a paid report released by DigiTimes, which mentions that the AirPods 3 launch will take place in the second half of this year. Earlier, Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that mass production of Apple’s wireless headphones would start from the third quarter of this year. There are now two reports that have talked about this particular release happening much later. This revelation can mean one of two things.

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Apple will not officially launch the AirPods 3 during its supposed April event. The second scenario could be that Apple may release its third-generation AirPods but put them up for sale at a later time. At this stage, we do not have any concrete information about the product launch, but when we do, we will update our readers accordingly. In case you didn’t know, the third quarter of this year begins in July and ends in September.

It was previously reported that Apple will be holding an event in September, so when looking at our options, the AirPods 3 launch could happen alongside the unveiling of the iPhone 13. In terms of design, the AirPods 3 will look very different from the AirPods. second-gen and could have a similar aesthetic to the AirPods Pro. Previously leaked images have revealed that the AirPods 3 will sport a smaller stem, moving away from an exterior that received a lot of criticism but ended up being a beloved product.

Do you think Apple will introduce the AirPods 3 in April and release them later or do you think the next wireless earbuds will be released later? Tell us in the comments.

News source: DigiTimes

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