Airline pilot spotted ‘jet in jetpack’ on aircraft as they approached the lax runway

An American Airlines pilot reported seeing a mysterious man in a jetpack above Los Angeles, en route to jets arriving in LAX on Sunday evening.

When it comes to accuracy and detail and reliability, you will probably rank airline pilots right there. So, when an American Airlines pilot reported seeing a “man in a jetpack” on the control tower via radio, when he was about 3,000 feet to landing and ten miles to LAX, you got This would have to be given serious credibility, as was unlikely. can it happen.

You can hear the actual radio broadcast in our story.

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A second pilot also saw it.

Is it possible Based on research, the jetpack can fly that high, but is it likely? Common sense would say no, but again, this is an airline pilot reporting it, in which “visual flight rules” mean a lot of visibility, and it wasn’t dark yet.

You would think that someone with the technical and financial ability would have to do something that would make them feel like not doing it on the LAX flight path.

Could it be some internet or social media stunt? This is a theory that some have suggested.

No one has come forward to say that they were flying a jetpack for some reason, and the publicity or fun videos we’ve seen in general are very few, aimed at vectors or thrill-seekers who Blasts with packs attached to their backs. For a few seconds of low-level flight. Flying in the sky in this dangerous way is nothing special.

An attempt to find out more from the pilot took place nowhere, and representatives of American Airlines called FAX 11 to contact the FAA. The FAA told us that they turned the report over to the LAPD for investigation, possibly trying to locate the person via helicopter or ground patrol. LAPD tells FOX 11 that they have not received any such report from the FAA.

Two retired pilots who currently advise on aviation safety and say they would fully trust the pilot in that situation, his “trained eyes” and visual awareness.

The pilot estimated that the jetpack was only 300 yards from his window.

For now, this is a mystery on many levels. Perhaps it was a mylar balloon or a small helicopter. Years ago, a man sitting on a lawn chair tied dozens of helium balloons with him.

All of this is a very surprising and potentially dangerous mystery, because you can imagine the consequences of that kind of mid-air collision.

If you have any information related to this story, please call LAPD.