Airbnb CEO: After COVID-19, travelers will opt for small cities of big cities

The CEO of AirBnB on Thursday predicted that commuters would start looking for smaller cities in the future due to the coronovirus epidemic.

CEO Brian Chesky said more people would choose to drive to smaller communities and spend more time visiting family and friends than traveling to big cities for sightseeing. He also predicted that people would use air travel less for business meetings, according to Reuters.

Travel has declined during the coronovirus epidemic as the mandate to stay home and the social distinction mandate have forced people around the world to stay in their homes. Many Americans have avoided seeing their family and friends from their loved ones for fear of spreading the virus or contracting it.

Chesky said that people “yearn to stay away from them.”

During an interview at the Reuters Next Conference, Chesky said, “They haven’t been longing to see Times Square. What they want to do is to see their friends and their families that they haven’t seen in a long time.”

At the start of the epidemic, Airbnb’s business fell by 80 percent in about eight weeks, according to the outlet. However, as more cities began to roll out restrictions and reopen businesses, the company began to see more passenger book homes in hotels.

Reuters reported that many of those houses were in small towns on rent.

Airbnb recently announced that it would revoke reservations made in Washington, DC during the week of the presidential election Joe BidenJoe Bidenkton: The Senate lacks the authority to impeach, when Trump calls office Marjorie Taylor Green, he will present impeachment articles against the resignation of Biden ICE’s executive director after much time in office.Inauguration after the rebellion in the Capitol on 6 January.

The service has banned people associated with last week’s violent riots in the Capitol from being hired on its platform.


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