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Air Force Sports, military vision of the NFL grounded by stop

AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colorado – The closure of the federal government forced the Air Force Academy on Saturday to suspend sporting events and military plans outside the US. UU They wanted to follow the postseason games of the NFL conference on television and radio.

The games that involved the male basketball teams of the Army and the Navy were played as scheduled.

Hours after the partial closure went into effect, the Air Force Academy said that both home and away events have been postponed. Among them were the men's and women's basketball games at Fresno State

. The American Forces Network, which broadcasts American radio and television programs in Europe and other locations outside the US UU., He put a message on his Facebook page that said his services would not be available "due to the closure of the government."

The announcement provoked angry reactions from viewers, and several pointed out that the timing could not have been worse. The two championships of the NFL conference are on Sunday: Minnesota vs. Philadelphia and Jacksonville vs. New England

"During NFL PLAYOFFS?!" Read a publication. "AFN, start a GoFundMe and spread these games! Make it happen!"

The online sport calendar of the Air Force Academy lists seven competitions that had been set for Saturday. In addition to basketball, there is male and female swimming in the UNLV, male hockey against Sacred Heart in the academy and men's gymnastics against Oklahoma in the academy.

The rifle team was scheduled to compete against TCU, the Coast Guard and the state of Ohio. in TCU.

On Sunday, the academy has scheduled tennis and wrestling events.

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