AI brings photos of Amelia Earhart, Albert Einstein and Marie Curie to life

Artificial intelligence is turning old images of people into short, animated clips that show them moving and blinking. The feature, called Deep Nostalgia, comes from genealogy company MyHeritage. It uses machine learning to create facial expressions and movements that look super realistic, Tom’s Guide reported Tuesday.

In a blog post, MyHeritage shared social media posts from users who were delighted to see their loved ones who had passed away come to life, if only for a few moments. The clips show people in black and white or faded photos tilting their heads and looking around.

People also had fun bringing historical figures to life, such as Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln Y The Beatles.

Live Science shared clips of other historical figures like Amelia Earhart and Marie Curie on the move.

Amelia Earhart smiles and blinks at the camera in a Deep Nostalgia animation.

Living Science / MyHeritage

Marie Curie looks around curiously.

Living Science / MyHeritage

Whether you find this tool creepy or not (and you’d be totally justified in thinking it is), it’s arguably quite fun to watch these pieces of the past come to life. MyHeritage said that in the first 48 hours after the tool’s launch late last month, more than 1 million photos were animated.

“Users have responded with amazement and excitement: some were astonished to see ancestors they had never met, some from over 100 years ago, move, blink and smile, while others were moved to tears when they saw their loved ones lost on the move after so long. many years with only still photos to remember them, “the company wrote.

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