Agreement: Samsung Gear VR w / Controller (2017) for $ 90 – May 2018

Amazon has discounted the latest version of the Samsung Gear VR headset that comes with the controller, lowering the price to $ 90.51, which is below its original price of $ 129.99. That's good for its lowest price of all time. Its previous historical low was $ 99.99, making this a good time to choose one.

The Samsung Gear VR with driver works with all of Samsung's recent flagship devices, from the Galaxy S6 to the Galaxy S9. So if you have a recent Samsung flagship, this VR headset will work for you. The headphones are actually made by Oculus, so you can access all Oculus applications in your app store, which includes many games and applications, and even applications such as Netflix and Hulu are available. So you can watch your favorite shows in virtual reality, with a virtual living room and even with friends. Plex has also been updated to support Gear VR in its new virtual reality mode. Gear VR is a great handset to choose from, especially if you're looking to start venturing into the world of virtual reality. Since it has a price of less than $ 100, compared to some other headphones like the HTC Vive that is more than $ 500, and even the Oculus Go that is even higher than Gear VR here.

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