Against the Jaguars, the Cardinals get their first impressive win


Head coach of Arizona Cardinals Bruce Arians leaves the field after an NFL football game against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, November 26, 2017 in Glendale, Arizona. The Cardinals won 27-24. (AP Photo / Ross D. Franklin)

More production from the youngest, some veterans playing for the best bars and a quarterback competent enough.

All that, not to mention a stellar defense effort, for the Arizona Cardinals completing their most impressive win of 2017, a 27-24 home victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars that came down to a big veteran kick Phil Dawson.

Here's a quick reaction to the staff game of 98.7 FM Sports Station of Arizona and

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Vince Marotta, co-host of Bickley & Marotta

Bruce Arians He entered his post-match press conference and, before answering questions, issued a statement to my co-host, Dan Bickley.

"Do not bury us yet, Bick," he said, grinning widely after a hard fight, 27-24 beating the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Cardinals would have died at 4-7 with games against the Rams and Titans that were coming. Now, at 5-6, the boys pushing dirt in the team's coffin do not have to stop altogether, but it's probably a good time to take a break for lunch.

For the first time in 2017, and really since A Week 16 victory over the Seahawks last season, the Arians team has achieved a victory over a team with a pulse. And Jacksonville is much more than that. The Jaguars arrived at the University of Phoenix Stadium (for the first time, by the way) leading the AFC South with a record of 7-3 and the subject of comparisons with the 1985 Chicago Bears: a Super Bowl champion with a defense that considered as one of the best in history.

The Jaguars had conceded 31 points in total on their four-game winning streak, but Arizona had not been discouraged. The Cardinals played well on the offensive and defensive lines. While the running game was not dominant, it was productive enough to win. Blaine Gabbert committed two more turnovers in the fourth quarter, but made plays when he had to, most notably two big side throws to set up Phil Dawson's 57-yard field goal.

This was easily the best of the Cardinals and the most satisfying victory of the year, and maybe, just maybe, the basis to build with another leading team in the division that will be coming to Glendale next week.

Dave Burns, Co-host of Burns & Gambo [19659003] Admit it. When former Cardinals player Calais Campbell picked up a loose ball from Blaine Gabbert and executed it for a touchdown advantage, you thought, "That's it, they're done." Maybe you did not, but I certainly did. Everything at that moment seemed not only an appropriate conclusion for the game, but also a perfect sum of the season. Then something else happened.

Gabbert to Jaron Brown for a 52-yard touchdown happened. Tyrann Mathieu, who had an excellent ball game, proposed a timely selection. DJ. Foster succeeded, delivering an impressive side catch that brought the cards closer to the field goal range. And, of course, Phil Dawson, who might not be on this team if it were not for a short week before the Seattle game, happened. His 57-yard field goal, for life, triggered an unlikely celebration.

Gabbert was good, but between the selection and the fumble he certainly could have been better. I still want to see more. Chandler Jones was worth every penny on Sunday and the timing of Phil-Shank Redemption's Dawson had to feel good. But the guy I'm wondering about is Honey Badger. He finally had that game. The one we've all been waiting for and certainly the one the Cardinals paid. How many more do you have to have for the Cardinals to pay for him again in the spring?

John Gambadoro, Co-host of Burns & Gambo

There's no tank in the NFL – at least not in Arizona. While many fans are encouraging the defeats of the Cardinals and a better position to choose their quarterback of the future, those plans were frustrated on Sunday behind a tough victory against a good Jacksonville team.

If the Cardinals must get one of the first three quarterbacks in the draft, they will most likely have to be promoted in the draft. It was and was highly unlikely that they would finish with a top-seven pick. The Cardinals had four wins with seven games left, and four of those games were at home. For a team that plays with pride, Arizona certainly was not going to finish the season with just four wins.

There were some good signs on Sunday and not just Phil Dawson scoring the best 57-yard field goal for his career. win. DJ. Foster made a remarkable extra play to establish that field goal. Ricky Seals-Jones continued to impress as the rookie had four more catches for 72 yards and a touchdown. With the Cardinals in need of a total renewal of offense, it's time to say goodbye to John Brown, J.J. Nelson, Troy Niklas, Jermaine Gresham and some offensive linemen – it was good to see some young players taking advantage of the opportunities.

Blaine Gabbert got the victory, but almost gave it twice, first the loose ball that was returned by a touchdown then the interception. But Tyrann Mathieu rescued him with a selection of his own, and the Honey Badger had a solid game as he fights to prove he belongs to the list beyond this season. The Cardinals do not care about the position in the draft, they just try to win some games. On Sunday, they achieved that goal.

Luke Lapinski, host of The Rundown with Luke Lapinski

If nothing else, the Blaine Gabbert Era has been interesting. After throwing three touchdowns in last week's loss to the Texans, the former first-round pick released two more scores and made some big plays with the game on the line, giving the Arizona Cardinals a 27-7 win. 24 about the visitor at the last second. Jaguars.

He also looked for a play that led directly to a Calais Campbell touchdown in the last quarter, but hey, nobody is right?

Gabbert is still Arizona's third-line quarterback, after all, although he might be moving up the depth chart. And he responded to the loose ball by throwing a 52-yard touchdown hit to Jaron Brown just six plays later.

Considering the whole unstable game of quarterbacks in the NFL this season, that means something. If you were writing the 32 people who called the start signal at this exact moment, Gabbert would probably go ahead of 7-8 of them, right? Not bad, since he was not even active last month.

Meanwhile, the defense made plays, led by a key interception of Tyrann Mathieu late, plus a pair of catches by Chandler Jones, which was disruptive all day. Arizona also limited rookie of the year candidate Leonard Fournette to a minimum run of 25 yards rushing.

Of course, if you try to win with defense, that usually means that special teams have to climb as well. And that's exactly what happened with Phil Dawson connecting in his four field goal attempts, including a 57-yard goal with a second remaining.

At 5-6, the prospect of the Cards' playoffs remains grim, but at least they're not. I'm still fighting. And maybe I should not even follow this path, but if they had found a way to beat the Seahawks two weeks ago, they would actually be tied for second place at this time. Actually, it does not matter. Let's not think about that.

Craig Grialou, reporter

Where to start.

The offense (Blaine Gabbert, Adrian Peterson and Ricky Seals-Jones), defender (Chandler Jones and Tyrann Mathieu) and special teams (Phil Dawson) came to play on Sunday afternoon at the University of Phoenix Stadium and they did it against one of the best teams in the NFL.

Call it a characteristic triumph: it is unfortunate that it is week 12 when the Cardinals finally worked as expected throughout the year.

While everyone had a hand in victory 27-24, he really had to feel good for Dawson. He has resisted his fair share of criticism this season, and deservedly so, but he made his four field goal attempts, including the winner of the game. Dawson has made seven consecutive kicks, looking for the player the Cardinals attacked in the offseason.

The question for Dawson and the rest of the list is whether they can now take advantage of this effort in which all three phases meet expectations and avoid the tag of wonders in one fell swoop.

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