After the video, a Georgia sheriff’s deputy showed him repeatedly punching

Two sheriff’s deputies in Georgia have been fired after repeatedly beating a man after being caught on video.

The footage, which first surfaced on Instagram, shows two personnel at the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office stopping and beating the man. A sub audibly yells “He extends my hand a little.”

According to Walker’s attorney Sean Williams, Roderick Walker, along with his girlfriend and his child, was in a Roderick vehicle when officers pulled the car over for a tail-light violation. According to reports, a child can be heard shouting “Daddy!” Against this backdrop, the officer stopped Walker.

Williams told CNN that both depots demanded Walker’s ID when he asked why she was upset. Williams said deputies asked him to get out of the car after Walker said he had done nothing wrong, which led to the incident in the video.

“Sub-bar Roderick Walker is being terminated from the Clayton County Sheriff Office for the excessive use of force,” the department said in a statement. “A criminal investigation into the case will turn to the Clayton County District Attorney’s Office.”

The Sheriff’s Office said Walker has been denied bond because of a felony investigation warrant in Clayton County.

The name of the fired deputy has not been released, but the Georgia Bureau of Investigation told CNN that no request for an investigation has been received yet.

The Georgia NAACP called for the cancellation of all charges against Walker, with both officers fired and Hill to resign.

Georgia NAACP lawyer Gerald Griggs said at a news conference according to CNN, “It’s time for the law to work for white citizens.”


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