After the protest, Netanyahu seeks a change to bill the alteration of police powers –

After the protest, Netanyahu seeks a change to bill the alteration of police powers


JERUSALEM: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on Sunday (December 3) for changes to the controversial legislation that, according to his opponents, was designed to help him survive the continuous police investigations after tens of thousands protested the Weekend.

The prime minister faces two separate inquiries that have led him to speculate on whether he will eventually be forced to resign.

The Israeli parliament has been examining legislation that would limit the ability of the police to make recommendations to the attorney general about whether or not to accuse the suspects.

On his Facebook page on Sunday, Netanyahu called for changes to the proposed law to make it clear that "it will not involve current investigations against me."

He said he was making the call because he did it. I do not want the law "to be used for propaganda purposes."

Netanyahu also seemed to criticize the police, saying that it seemed a recommendation if he was charged or not. It was decided in advance regardless of the evidence.

The 68-year-old man, who has been interrogated by the police six times in connection with the investigations, has maintained his innocence.

Su The statement came after tens of thousands took to the streets of Tel Aviv on Saturday night to protest the alleged corruption in the Netanyahu government.

Last week, the Israeli parliament approved a first reading of the bill that at the end of an investigation, the police tell the attorney general if they think they have enough evidence for a prosecution.

The bill would require the attorney general to ask the police for their input, but the opinion of the police could not be made public. 19659002] A one-year prison sentence was provided for investigators who filter their findings.

Parliament should vote on the law from Monday, but now it is expected to be delayed.

659002] While urging that his cases be excluded, Netanyahu argued that such legislation was important to protect suspects from being tainted with premature leaks.

Police are investigating Netanyahu on suspicion that he received expensive gifts from wealthy supporters and on accusations sought a secret deal for favorable coverage with a newspaper editor.

Netanyahu's allies have also been interrogated by the police as part of an independent investigation into the purchase of German submarines.

Netanyahu has not been identified as a suspect in the underwater investigation.

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