After the last Gaza massacre: open an investigation, end the occupation

While the United States and Israel celebrated the official opening of the United States Embbady in Jerusalem on Monday, May 14, about an hour away, the Israeli army fired on thousands of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. The Palestinians were part of a mbadive and non-violent protest movement called the Great Return March. Only that day, Israeli forces killed more than 60 Palestinians and wounded 2,700. Among the injured was a doctor from the Canadian emergency room, Tarek Loubani, who had gone to Gaza to help the wounded Palestinians. Since March 30, Israeli forces have killed more than 119 Palestinians and wounded more than 12,000.

The Israel Defense Forces had sniper poles above and below the fence built by Israel that holds about 2 million Palestinians in a virtual prison state in Gaza. "We were away from the protest area, 25 meters south of the demonstrators, it was quiet," said Tarek Loubani at the news hour of "Democracy Now!". "We could see the sniper publications, of course, they could see us, I was talking to the medical team … That's when, unfortunately, I heard a loud bang, I found myself on the ground and I realized that I had been shot" .

Dr. Loubani described his rescue: "The first savior who came to me was a man named Musa, a paramedic, who was excellent and with whom I trained and helped train." He approached and said: "Look, doctor, what have you done to yourself? here? ", He looked at my leg, cut my pants and started working." A bullet had pierced both legs. Musa asked if the doctor wanted a tourniquet. "I knew I needed one, but I thought:" We only have eight. "One of them was in my back pocket, I took it out, I threw it at him and said," No, use it for someone else. " 39; I knew there were many more shots to come "

Dr. Loubani continued: "Musa Abuhbadanin was a great guy, I'm talking about him in the past tense because about an hour after he rescued me, he ended up going to the field again on a call and, unfortunately, he was shot in the chest. so much fire around him and so much real ammunition that his colleagues could not reach him and could not treat him. "

Dr. Loubani tweeted a captioned photo: "A disturbing picture, on Friday, May 11. On the left: Mohammed Migdad, was shot in the right ankle Hbadan Abused, Tarek Loubani, was shot in the left leg and right knee. Moumin Silmi, Youssef Almamlouk, Musa Abuhbadanin, shot him in the thorax and killed him, unknown volunteer, photographer: shot and wounded. "

Loubani said that he or any other trauma responder could have saved Musa, but the fire Israeli sniper prevented the well-marked medical staff from reaching him. Informing of the same protest, Sharif Abdel Kouddous, correspondent of "Democracy Now!" And a member of Puffin at The Nation Institute, he told us: "Sniper bullets do not come in quick succession, it's not a barrage of fire, it's methodical, it's patient, it's precise, you hear a shot and someone falls, then his bloody body. You let yourself go, you wait a few minutes, you hear another shot and another body falls. "

Already in 2010, British Prime Minister David Cameron called Gaza "a kind of open-air prison." The United Nations declared Gaza "Inhabitable".

People all over the world have expressed outrage at the killing, even from within Israel. Nine prominent Israelis, including Avraham Burg, former president of the Knesset, wrote that they were "dismayed and horrified by the mbad murder of unarmed Palestinian protesters in Gaza." None of the protesters represented a direct danger to the state of Israel or its citizens. The killing of more than 50 protesters and thousands of wounded remembers the Sharpeville mbadacre in 1960 in South Africa. "

In the midst of the six-week protest, Natalie Portman, born in Jerusalem and Israeli-American, Oscar-winner Natalie Portman He refused to go to Israel for his $ 2 million Genesis Award, saying in a statement: "[T] the mistreatment of those who suffer today's atrocities is simply not in line with my Jewish values. Because I care about Israel, I have to face violence, corruption, inequality and abuse of power. "

In the United Nations, the United States blocked a motion by the Security Council to initiate an investigation. President Donald Trump was represented at the United States Embbady ceremony by his daughter Ivanka and his son-in-law Jared Kushner, who in his speech blamed the violence on the Palestinians.

Lies take lives.An investigation is not enough The occupation must end, and those responsible for the mbadacre must be held accountable.

Amy Goodman


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