After the epidemic hit, he decided to knock on the random mansion and ask, ‘What do you do to live?’ — Now, blow up his TikTok account

Every city thinks of them. There are large scale houses in the area around those people, a bunch of fancy cars, huge yard etc. but how? How do so many people have so much money?

This is the question that scout Aaron Vankampen, a freelance location in Toronto, has been asking homeowners for months. He has been provided with plenty of fodder for his Ticketcock account, which has flown extensively since posting Part 1 in early November:

“Before that I was working as a location scout as well as bartending,” Vankampen explained to Marketwatch. “The epidemic hit and I found myself with a lot of free time. I wanted to do something with that time. “

So he made his curiosity his guide, and he started wandering the local upscale areas and asking questions. His most visited TicTalk, featuring lawyer, Teslas TSLA,
+ 1.57%
And a “Dream Worker”, has been clicked an incredible 35 million times:

Vancampen’s tikkot has increased in fame with less than two million followers in less than two months. As their responses suggest, interviewers were generally accommodating and easy when approached by door-to-door TikToker.

However, he said that the odd issue has arisen. For example, a property was chased by a guard dog. He said, “I have learned and will no longer go home with the ‘Beware of Dog’ sign.”

In the next phase of its social-media plans, Vankampen is looking to expand its reach beyond Toronto, once the ban is easily met and moving to homes around the world. Will they have the same warm welcome as in New York City in Canada? We might come to know one day.

In the meantime, he is also launching his YouTube channel, which has an eye toward extending interviews without TicTalk time limits, and ideally, making some cash in the process.

He said, “My plan is to remain inspiring, if I can find a way to demonetize by inspiring my followers, this is what I will do.”


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